Big Dog Brag 5K Mud Fun Run with Faricy

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Who ever said that having some good, clean family fun never meant you could get a little…dirty? If your friends or family aren’t the type to be put off by getting a little down and dirty in some serious mud, then look no further than Colorado Springs’ own Big Dog Brag, a fun-filled, mud-filled, high-octane 5K and obstacle course that can really bring out the kid in just about anyone. This popular fun run through the muck attracts hundreds of visitors each year – from seasoned triathletes to amateur mud-lovers – and directly benefits the local communities, and for locals like the Faricy Boys, there are few better ways to get involved and bring the fun to the neighborhood.

Having been a title sponsor of the Big Dog Brag for five years now, the Faricy Boys – the best source for your next Jeep in the Colorado Springs area –  are well aware of all the full-day fun this mud-packed obstacle course can be. Featuring more obstacles than any other course its size, the Colorado Springs route promises a rough and ready romp through the dirt for the whole family – and on June 4, 2016, this impressive playpen will be open for business and ready for one seriously dirty competition.

Those who choose to participate in the 5K will experience the full run of the course, including everything from the giant slides to rope climbs, plank walks and log jams, plus just about everything else you could want on a tough obstacle-filled trail. While certainly not for the faint of heart, this route is definitely easy enough for even the weekend warrior to take on with a smile, and won’t leave you gasping for air at the end. And if you don’t feel like the first round was accomplishment enough, feel free to take on the route a second time – if you can handle it.

For those fun mudders looking for a good time without quite so much of the effort, the family-fun 2K fun mud run offers a satisfying taste of the action without pushing too far into the difficulties of the course. Whether you’re taking it easy for the day or come equipped with some pint-sized participants, the 2K offers a great family outing that won’t feel like your average leisurely stroll through the park.

And, by supporting the Big Dog Brag, you’re supporting local charities as well – notably, the Angels of America’s Fallen, which provides children of deceased military and First Responders with much-needed positive mentoring and developmental activities to aid in early childhood development. Take just one lap around the track and you’ll feel the sense of community, almost palpable through the participants – even when covered by a nice layer of mud.

If you’re looking to get into this adventure, look no further than the Faricy Boys, who have received 20 tickets and are looking to build an excellent, dynamic team of participants. If you think you’ve got what it takes to run with the Faricy Boys, then give them a call at 855-736-4124 today and see what you can do to get in on the Big Dog Brag – and get ready to get muddy.

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