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Are you stuck with a car you don’t want anymore, but aren’t ready to commit to buying a new one? Sell us your Car! The Faricy Boys have met a lot of people just like you, who find themselves in exactly the same situation. Rather than subject Colorado residents to driving around the Centennial State in a car they dislike, The Faricy Boys offers a solution that makes everyone happy. If you don’t like your car, simply bring it to The Faricy Boys, and we will buy it from you, for cash on the spot – Fast, Safe, and Easy.


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Sell Your Car FAST

Making the decision to sell your car without buying another one right away can be tricky. Not only are you stuck with the responsibility of finding a reliable buyer, but you are also tasked with everything that selling a car entails. If you are like us, then your car likely shows signs that it has been well-loved, for many years. From finger prints on the windows, to dog slobber on the door panels, and enough crumbs on the floor to keep a family of mice fed all winter, the thought alone of having to clean it out for resale, is exhausting. If you are able to pull off the impossible task of restoring the interior of your car to like-new condition, the next step in the endless time-suck vortex of private car sales, is to market your vehicle to the masses.

While your dad may have offered you advice to park it on a busy corner with a visible FOR SALE sign in the window for a few days, you know that this once-useful approach to private car sales is as effective as going to the gym once a month and expecting results. It’s a nice thought, but in order to actually obtain the end result you desire, this approach is simply not enough. Even if you are in a position to be without a working vehicle for days on end, the actual chance of a buyer finding and purchasing your used car is slim. Posting your current vehicle online through free social media channels can prove to be successful, but the commitment of this approach continues well past the initial posting date. Managing messages, trying to weed out serious buyers from wishy-washy ones, and making time to meet potential buyers for a test drive, is likely more than you are able to take on. If you are able to find a person who actually wants to purchase your current car for cash, that’s great! But keep in mind, if something happens to go wrong with the vehicle you sell after turning over the title, the buyer can hold you accountable. Even if you had no prior knowledge of any issues, this is still a major liability to assume on your own.


Sell Your Car SAFELY

Finding a real buyer for your car is the best case scenario, but we would be remiss if we did not mention the inevitable no-show buyer, or even worse, the individual who ends up scamming you out of your hard earned money. This type of situation may not be the most common, but it is definitely worth mentioning, because it can happen to well-meaning sellers.

The chances of you selling your car for the amount of money you want to get for it, to a serious buyer, all within a reasonable time frame, are not great. While not impossible, selling your car privately is certainly not worth the effort for the vast majority of drivers. If you have ruled out the potential sale of your current vehicle through private channels, and still aren’t ready to buy a new vehicle, then you may be feeling lost and confused as to what your next course of action should be. This confusion is entirely justified, but before giving up hope, consider selling your car to us, The Faricy Boys.


Sell Your Car to The Faricy Boys – IT’S EASY!

Most residents here in Colorado Springs, already know that they can trust The Faricy Boys with all of their off-road automotive needs, as well as with their new or pre-owned vehicle purchase. What you may not know, however, is that we want to buy your current car for cash. If you find yourself regularly wondering, How Can I Sell My Car? – you are not alone. As a family run dealership in Colorado Springs for over seventy four years, we listen and respond to the needs of our customers. One of the regular complaints we hear from area residents is that they want to be able to take their vehicle to a dealership they can trust, and sell it for cash. Most area dealerships will only take your current vehicle off your hands if you replace it with a new or used one from their dealership, but The Faricy Boys do business differently than all of those other guys. We provide people like you with the unique opportunity to turn your vehicle into cash, without an obligation to buy a car from us in return.

More drivers are demanding greater flexibility with the car buying process, and that includes being able to sell their car for cash before they are ready to buy a new one. Because local options have been so limiting in the past, residents were taking on the task of finding a private buyer for their vehicle, which was proving to be impractical, as well as frustrating.

The Faricy Boys has heard the concerns of local residents, and wants you to sell your car to our reputable dealership, for an instant cash offer. Colorado Springs’ favorite car dealership, has set up a dedicated team of individuals who are 100-percent committed to purchasing your vehicle. The process is so easy, takes less than twenty minutes to complete, and you can walk out with a check in your hand the very same day you first visit The Faricy Boys.

We are open six days a week, with a variety of sales hours that allow flexibility in your busy schedule. If you want to sell your car quickly, and without the unnecessary headache, bring it down to The Faricy Boys today. There is no need to schedule an appointment, or stress over needing to clean your car out ahead of time. Simply bring it to our location at 4950 New Car Drive in Colorado Springs, and let one of our friendly team members know that you want to sell us your current vehicle. We will work with you, and carefully examine your car, truck, or SUV, before making you a fair offer that aligns with current market value. As a KBB Instant Cash Offer Partner, drivers like you can easily see what The Faricy Boys will offer you for your car, which usually ends up being higher than trade value. Selling your car to a dealership like The Faricy Boys, may not result in as much cash as you would otherwise get if you were to sell privately, but we take on all of the responsibility of selling your vehicle, so you won’t have to. That’s a tough perk to put a price on…

If you are sick of your current vehicle, and want to see it turn into a pile of cash, bring it down to The Faricy Boys, today. Rather than take on the roles of automotive detailer, marketing specialist, sales associate, and financing expert – let the knowledgeable team at The Faricy Boys handle it all for you. Not only will you receive an instant cash offer, you will be able to rest easy knowing that the burden of selling your vehicle has been handled, so you can focus on other things that matter in your life. Don’t wait another day, give us a call or stop by with your current vehicle, and see how much cash you could line your pockets with now, rather than later.


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