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Jeep Dealers in Colorado Springs

At this point, the name "Jeep" is a deep-rooted part of American history, not only as an automotive brand but as a way of life and an attitude about driving on and off the road. Fortunately for Jeep lovers, when you're looking at Jeep dealers in Colorado Springs, you have the best Jeep dealer around. Here at The Faricy Boys, we have more than 75 years of experience in customer service, and we always prioritize our integrity and our relationship with the community over everything else. We've been selling vehicles to our neighbors here in Colorado Springs for three generations now, so we understand exactly what you're looking for.

We're not just another generic Colorado dealership. We focus specifically on understanding and selling Jeeps, including both the newest models and used vehicles that can suit just about any need. We know that Jeep lovers are a dedicated and independent bunch, which is why we are just as dedicated to making sure our customers drive away in the Jeep of their dreams. We even have a one-of-a-kind Jeep test track that will let you put any Trail Rated Jeep through its paces off-road before you commit to the purchase. When you visit The Faricy Boys, you will discover that we are Jeep enthusiasts like you.

A red 2016 Jeep Wrangler is shown driving on a sand trail in Colorado Springs, CO.

What Makes a Jeep a Jeep?

Jeeps are rooted in the history of this country, owing their very existence to the needs of the military in World War II. More than 100 automakers were solicited by the US Army in 1940 to build a light reconnaissance vehicle that could tackle any terrain. The original specifications that the Army was asking for were so demanding that no company could meet them, but after a couple of redesigns, Willys-Overland won the contract to supply the Army with its Jeep design.

Of course, at that time, it wasn't called a Jeep––that nickname came later. The first models used by the Army were referred to as Willys MA and Willys MB. Strangely enough, the origin of the name "Jeep" remains a mystery, though many Jeep lovers support the idea that it came from the Army designation "GP" to refer to it as a "General Purpose" vehicle. Wherever the name came from, the Jeep was so beloved by soldiers in the war that one was actually awarded a Purple Heart for the several bullet holes it suffered during combat. After the war, the returning soldiers wanted Jeeps of their own, and so the first CJ or "Civilian Jeep" hit the market, launching the Jeep brand we know and love today.

A red Wrangler Rubicon, a gray Wrangler Unlimited 4-door Sahara and a military Jeep Willys are parked in a field.

Jeep Today

The Jeep brand has had numerous owners over the last 80 years. The current owner is Stellantis, which also owns Chrysler and Wagoneer––the other brands we sell here at The Faricy Boys. We have a sizable inventory of Jeeps at any given time, including the Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Compass, Gladiator, and more. We even have a selection of Jeep's newest 4xe hybrid models, which provide environmentally-friendly off-road performance. But we're not only here to sell cars––there are plenty of dealerships that just sell cars to move models and make a profit. We believe in the Jeep brand and everything that comes with it. We want to work with you so you can get all the information and support you need to find your dream car.

The Grand Cherokee is one of the hottest SUVs on the market, offering an unbeatable blend of luxury and adventure. With powerful engine options, cutting-edge technology features, and Jeep's trademark 4x4 performance, the Grand Cherokee is Jeep's best-selling model for a reason. Of course, if you want the pure Jeep experience, then nothing can beat a Jeep Wrangler. This is the model that built the brand, and heading off-road to explore the Colorado Springs area in a Wrangler will give you a new love for adventure. While every Wrangler is Trail Rated and comes with 4x4 standard, you can always take things up a notch with the incredible Wrangler Rubicon and its unmatched off-road performance.

The Jeep Wrangler has routinely been noted as having one of the best resale values in its class and is often judged one of the best cars overall by organizations and publications such as Kelley Blue Book. As long-term members of the Colorado Springs community, we value our neighbors and customers, which is why we are proud to sell these vehicles. We know that not only are you getting a safe and reliable ride with a Jeep, but you are putting your money into a vehicle that retains its value better than many others, making for a great opportunity to resell in the future or pass it along to a son or daughter.

Grand Cherokee

With classic good looks and a great reputation, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the flexible and reliable midsize SUV you've been looking for. There's a reason Colorado Springs drivers keep coming back to this model year after year––they know a good thing when they see it.

Living up to its name, the Grand Cherokee is one of Jeep's most popular SUVs for a reason. This SUV has been designed to make the most of its space with a roomy two-row cabin in standard models and third-row seating available in the larger Grand Cherokee L model. The comfortable and spacious interior means there isn't a bad seat in the house, no matter which row you're seated in.

The available 4xe plug-in hybrid model makes the Grand Cherokee more efficient than ever before. This option pairs a gasoline engine with electric motors and a battery pack to provide a substantial all-electric range and incredible torque. However, the Grand Cherokee also offers traditional gasoline engines if a plug-in hybrid isn't right for you. Add to that the choice between several different 4x4 systems, and you're ready to go. Depending on which engine option you choose, the Grand Cherokee even offers impressive tow ratings, allowing you to hitch up a camper or boat for a weekend getaway.

If you need your vehicle to adapt to changing road conditions at the flip of a switch, the Grand Cherokee allows you to easily switch between drive modes. The off-roading capabilities of the Trail Rated Grand Cherokee trims mean that when you need a refresh and want to get away for a weekend of camping and hiking at Lake Pueblo or climb Pikes Peak, this model will have all the space and strength you need to get you there and home again.

A black 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara is shown with no roof driving on a city street.


It's hard to find a more iconic Jeep than the Wrangler, with its legacy dating back to World War II and the Willys MB. The modern Wrangler continues that legacy with its body-on-frame design, award-winning powertrain lineup, and exceptional four-wheel drive systems. Together, these features make the Wrangler the most capable and most recognized off-road vehicle in the world. However, the Wrangler has evolved from its spartan roots to offer more comfortable and spacious options like the four-door Unlimited models and luxurious High Altitude trim.

"Tried, tested, Trail Rated, and true," according to Jeep, the Wrangler continues to evolve by blending jaw-dropping capability with a host of modern technology. The modern lineup sees the addition of an expansive touchscreen display and cutting-edge infotainment technology to improve every adventure. You'll also find plenty of convenience features, such as Remote Proximity Keyless Entry, which eliminates the need to constantly dig for your keys to lock and unlock the doors––assuming you leave the doors on your Wrangler in the first place!

If you're looking for real power and capability, look no further than the Wrangler Rubicon 392. A true road warrior both on and off the pavement, the Rubicon 392 is the only Wrangler equipped with a 6.4L HEMI V8 engine under the hood. As expected, the HEMI roars to life to deliver incredible power and acceleration. However, the plug-in hybrid Wrangler 4xe isn't far behind when it comes to raw performance and offers the option for silent all-electric driving so you can better experience nature.

The Wrangler Rubicon is the ultimate off-road model, with the icon's unique features keeping you in control long after the pavement ends. This is thanks to features like the electronic sway bar disconnect and locking differentials that improve the Wrangler Rubicon's articulation, maneuverability, and handling. Whether you're navigating the Rubicon Trail in California, exploring one of the many trails right here in Colorado Springs, or traveling at highway speeds, the Wrangler will meet and exceed all your expectations.


The most off-road capable truck ever built by Jeep, the Gladiator is proof that legends never die. This midsize pickup is Jeep's answer to drivers looking for an off-road warrior that is also a capable and versatile workhorse. With its body-on-frame design, functional bed, and exclusive off-road components, the Gladiator is everything you need in a truck and everything you want in an off-road adventurer. This Jeep truck is a multifunctional workhorse that offers drivers the strength, flexibility, and off-roading features they have come to expect from an iconic brand like Jeep.

Introduced in 2020, this off-roading beast comes equipped with all the features drivers need to get off the beaten trail and out into nature. Designed to meet every demand of the road, the Gladiator delivers a wide range of performance from its powerful engine options. If you're looking for a truck that can do it all and more, the Jeep Gladiator makes light work of sandy, rocky, and muddy terrain. Whether you like to spend weekends traversing the quiet trails of the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest or looking to take the scenic route along Lower Gold Camp Road, the rugged design and high performance of the Gladiator means when adventure calls, you'll be ready to answer.

If you want to take your adventures to a whole new level, the Gladiator Rubicon is ready when you are. This upgraded model is truly a master of the terrain. With its high ground clearance, it's easy to move over rocks, branches, and anything else that stands in your way. You can even plow through creeks and streams, thanks to the model's high air intake and special sealing. The enhanced traction and articulation of the Gladiator Rubicon mean you'll be able to take on obstacles in the trail with ease while keeping your wheels on the ground for ultimate control, no matter the terrain.

For the ultimate off-road adventures in the Colorado deserts, Jeep delivers with the Gladiator Mojave. A powerhouse on wheels, the Mojave is the first-ever Desert Rated Jeep. That rating, like Jeep's Trail Rated badge, had to be earned. Jeep put the Mojave through the harshest desert conditions to measure its traction, desert prowess, ride control, stability, maneuverability, and ground clearance. So, how did it perform?

The Gladiator Mojave aced the test without breaking a sweat, thanks to a high-performance suspension design unique to the trim. High speeds aren't a problem, thanks to the Mojave's Off-Road+ button inside the cab. With the push of the button, the Mojave automatically adjusts the throttle, transmission, traction control, and shift points for optimal performance at high speeds on desert terrain. You won't find any other truck in the segment with this level of high-speed capability or a Desert Rated badge, which is exactly as Jeep intended.

A silver 2022 Jeep Compass is shown from the side driving on a city street.


Jeep's compact Compass slots in below the Cherokee and above the Renegade. This affordable and fun model was designed with versatility in mind as an SUV that's spacious and capable, powerful and efficient, innovative and affordable. Of course, like all Jeep models, the Compass also provides incredible off-road performance for the segment with its available Trail Rated trims. This is what it means to let the Compass lead the way.

In the Compass, any journey is an adventure, especially when the SUV is equipped with Jeep's four-wheel drive capability and the exclusive Selec-Terrain traction management system. Driver-assist tools like Active Lane Management ensure every adventure is enjoyable and actively reduce driver fatigue and stress by helping you navigate the road ahead. Driving is also more enjoyable for you and your passengers, thanks to the comfortable suspension and steering, which improve the model's handling, ride quality, and responsiveness.

The Compass is also filled with connectivity and technology features, like a center touchscreen display that is home to Jeep's renowned infotainment system, giving you access to your smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The frameless full-color digital cluster display transforms the driver's seat into a digital cockpit while backseat passengers enjoy plenty of perks like the Compass' optional heated rear seats.


The timeless Jeep Cherokee is an iconic model. Introduced in 1974, the original Cherokee was based on the Wagoneer. However, it was completely reimagined as a crossover SUV in 1984. This iteration of the Cherokee remained in production for an astounding 18 years before being discontinued in 2001. Although replaced by the Jeep Liberty, the Cherokee ended up supplanting its successor, returning to the Jeep lineup in 2014.

The Cherokee was discontinued for a second time after the 2023 model year, but used models still offer a modern design and incredible comfort, all without sacrificing overall performance. No matter where you find yourself, either in the hustle and bustle of downtown Colorado Springs, breezing down the freeway, or taking some time off to take in the breathtaking scenery of Mt. Rosa, the Cherokee fits in where you need it to.

The final model years of the Jeep Cherokee can be had with several great engine choices. Jeep's popular 3.2L Pentastar V6 delivers 271 hp and 239 lb-ft of torque. Another option is a 2.0L turbocharged engine, which produces 270 hp and an impressive 295 lb-ft of torque. The 2.0L engine also increases your fuel economy, providing an estimated 26 MPG combined in the 2022 model. But when it comes to hauling, opt for the 3.2L Pentastar V6 with its 4,500 lbs of towing power to get the most out of your Cherokee.

A red 2023 Jeep Renegade is shown driving on a city street.


Are you looking for a fun and sporty ride to get you through the week and on to the weekend? The subcompact Jeep Renegade was created to be as spontaneous and as adventurous as its drivers. The Renegade debuted in 2015 as the smallest and most affordable model in the Jeep lineup and was a popular option with Colorado Springs drivers of all stripes before the model's discontinuation following the 2023 model year. However, it remains a high-value and fun-loving pick on the used market.

Don't let the petite size of the Renegade fool you. After all, it's called the Renegade for a reason. This SUV is a workhorse when it comes to off-roading adventures. The available 1.3L turbocharged engine puts out 177 hp and 210 lb-ft of torque, making this SUV a compact powerhouse capable of meeting the demands of the road ahead. If you want to take your favorite toy with you out to Lake Pueblo this weekend, the Renegade is more than happy to help with the available Trailer Tow Package that's capable of pulling up to 2,000 lbs.

Adventure is always a possibility in the Renegade thanks to Jeep's legendary four-wheel drive options and the Selec-Terrain traction management system that optimizes how the SUV performs based on the terrain at hand. A quick selection between Auto, Snow, Sand, Mud, and Rock modes, the last of which is only available on the Trailhawk trim, finetunes the Renegade's traction control and throttle response for the terrain at hand to give you the confidence you need behind the wheel.

In addition to its exclusive Rock mode, the Renegade Trailhawk is Trail Rated, which means it passed a rigorous set of tests in order to earn its badge and wear it with pride. When you get behind the wheel of a Renegade Trailhawk, you can expect increased traction control, tight and precise maneuverability, and impressive water-fording abilities you never would have expected from a subcompact SUV. Only Jeep could put so much power into such a small vehicle.

Equipped with Jeep's Active Drive Low four-wheel drive system, the Renegade Trailhawk offers 8.7 inches of ground clearance and up to 19 inches of water-fording capability. Venturing off the path isn't a problem either, thanks to the Trailhawk's standard skid plates and front and rear tow hooks. Inside, the Trailhawk proves that blazing a new trail doesn't have to mean roughing it with its impressive ride quality and an exceptional suite of conveniences, like heated front seats, a power driver seat, a heated steering wheel, and an 8.4-inch touchscreen display with navigation and smartphone integration.

For those looking for a less adventurous rig, there's plenty to choose from in the Renegade lineup, from the entry-level Sport and Latitude trims to the luxurious Limited and High Altitude. The Renegade offers an impressive suite of safety and driver-assist tools like Blind-Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Path Detection, Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking, and LaneSense Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist. These features add to the Renegade's value and engineer confidence wherever the road or trail takes you.

Jeep Ratings and What They Mean

Anyone can say their vehicle is ready to go off-road, but there is a big difference between saying it and proving it. You can find a lot of other SUVs and trucks around Colorado Springs advertised as adventurous models meant for the trail, but once you look at them, you find that the only “off-road features” they really offer are four-wheel drive and some front tow hooks. Jeep takes the trail seriously and wants you to know when you look at a vehicle that is designed for going off-road. That is why you can find exclusive Trail Rated and Desert Rated options in the Jeep lineup that go beyond fancy advertising and demonstrate how they are ready to go off-road.

Not every Jeep model is automatically Trail Rated; this is a term that means something, and a Jeep has to prove itself before earning this distinction. Every Jeep you see with the Trail Rated badge has undergone and excelled in a series of intense tests designed to push it to its limits and beyond. These tests include five categories that are vital to being able to go anywhere the most challenging trails can take you: traction, water fording, maneuverability, articulation, and ground clearance. Only when a Jeep has demonstrated an ability to maintain control in harsh terrain, splash through deep water without issue, dodge obstacles in tight switchbacks, remain stable on rough ground, and climb over obstructions can it earn this rating.

In recent years, Jeep has expanded its legendary Trail Rated designation with a new badge that indicates a vehicle can handle the most extreme weather conditions: Desert Rated. A Desert Rated Jeep has proven itself capable of handling high-speed off-road situations and incredibly challenging environments while delivering remarkable performance. These vehicles also have to succeed in five brutal tests that include ride control and stability, traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, and desert prowess. You can see there is some overlap with standard Trail Rated testing, but also unique areas where vehicles need to prove they can handle intense, unforgiving heat and the unpredictable nature of desert landscapes while keeping you comfortable and in control. With a Trail Rated or Desert Rated Jeep, you know you have a vehicle that will get you through anything you throw at it.

A silver 2021 Jeep Gladiator is towing a 1989 Grand Wagoneer on a trailer.

Our Test Track Will Help You Decide if a Jeep Is Right for You

We understand that if you've never driven a Jeep before, you might be wondering if it's really the right choice for you. As your top Jeep dealership in Colorado Springs, we're about building relationships and letting our products speak for themselves, not high-pressure sales tactics or fast-talking trickery. That's why we have a fully functional Jeep test track located at our dealership that you can use to take a test ride in any new or used Trail Rated Jeep that we have in stock. Sounds good? We think so, too!

Our test track is on more than an acre of property and mimics the kinds of rough terrain and surfaces you might encounter while driving a Jeep off-road. It's one thing to talk about what a Jeep can do or watch videos online, but it's another thing entirely to hop inside and feel the control and confidence that only a Trail Rated Jeep can afford. We want our Colorado Springs neighbors to drive away happy, knowing they picked the right vehicle and made a choice that will keep them happy for years to come.

Using our test track offers you greater confidence than just taking a test drive on the highway or the streets of Colorado Springs. Nothing can match the feel of tires underneath you, adjusting to and hugging the trail as the vehicle takes turns and moves from one type of terrain to another. When you buy an off-road vehicle, you deserve to see what it can actually do off-road. As a customer, you are who matters most to us, why we continue to provide the best service possible, and why we're honored to remain your Jeep dealership.

Why Shop With The Faricy Boys?

With so many dealers in the Colorado Springs area to choose from, why go with The Faricy Boys? That's a great question. But one look at our vast inventory and great prices or one conversation with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will tell you everything you need to know.

Our mission is to go above and beyond, delivering the best possible customer service for our drivers. If you're looking for Jeep dealers in the Colorado Springs area, there's only one place you want to be. With over 75 years of experience, we have the expertise you need to feel comfortable buying your next vehicle.

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned driver or buying a Jeep for the first time; our sales team and finance experts are here to help you every step of the way, from start to finish. Get your questions answered, and let our finance team find the best rates to help get you into your dream car sooner rather than later.

But our job isn't done after we give you the keys. Our parts specialists and service center technicians are always on hand when you need them. You can schedule an appointment at our Colorado Springs service center whenever it's convenient for you. When you shop at The Faricy Boys, you never drive alone.

A man is shown driving in a 2021 Jeep Gladiator after leaving a Jeep dealer in Colorado Springs.

Simple, Straightforward Financing Solutions

No matter what your financial situation looks like, we want to make sure you get the perfect Jeep with everything you are looking for. For most of our customers, that means finding a great loan with the best terms possible so that you can drive away in the right Jeep. Our financing experts can help you explore a variety of options and make sure you get the best rates around. Even if you already have a loan offer from your bank, we will quickly look at what is available to ensure you cannot find a better deal with one of our trusted lending partners.

If you are interested in enjoying everything a Jeep has to offer without making a long-term commitment, then leasing your next Jeep could be the perfect choice. With a lease, you can drive a new Jeep for several years, getting the most from it, and then you return your vehicle at the end of the lease with no further commitment on your part. You can then lease another new model—enjoying the latest tech and other features—or even buy the Jeep you have been leasing if you find that you cannot part with it. No matter what kind of financing will work best for you, we are here to make sure you find it.

Let Us Help You Custom Order Your Next Jeep

Finding the perfect Jeep with everything you are looking for can take some work—that might seem strange coming from a Jeep dealership, but we understand how challenging the process can be. Few things are as frustrating as putting in the time and energy to research what you want, look at different Jeep models, and compare options and features, only to be unable to find the perfect model you are looking for on a dealership lot. We do our best to maintain a fantastic selection of different Jeep vehicles for you to choose from, but there are so many options that it is impossible to have absolutely everything available. That is when ordering your next Jeep becomes the perfect alternative.

By custom ordering the Jeep you want from the factory, you can get everything you are looking for, with the precise options and combination of features you prefer, without missing out on anything. Jeep offers an incredible selection of different models, trim levels, packages, engine and drivetrain options, and much more. Whether you are looking for a dedicated off-road beast designed to conquer the most challenging trails around Colorado Springs or a spacious SUV for a growing family, Jeep has you covered. When you custom order your next model, you can choose everything from the interior materials to the exterior color and much more, creating the Jeep you have always dreamed of owning.

We should note, however, that having so much freedom to put together the perfect Jeep can become a bit overwhelming. That is why it helps to have someone by your side to help you throughout the process and make sure you get everything you need. The last thing you want is to take the time to custom order your next Jeep, only to realize afterward that you forgot something or wished you had made a different choice. Here at The Faricy Boys, we can take you through the Jeep ordering process, make sure you get everything you are looking for, and then keep you updated as your Jeep is manufactured, shipped, and delivered for you to enjoy.

A blue 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is shown off-roading on a rocky trail.

Jeep Performance Parts and Accessories

Jeep makes some of the most rugged and capable vehicles on the road, designing powerful models that can handle anything you throw at them. Building vehicles that can work and play as hard as you need them to means they utilize precise engineering and parts that are constructed to meet high standards. When it is time to replace something on your Jeep or add to it with some new accessories, the last thing you want to do is compromise that incredible level of quality. That is why here at The Faricy Boys, we supply genuine Jeep Performance parts and accessories from Mopar, ensuring your vehicle stays in the best shape possible.

Mopar sells original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for Jeep vehicles, which means you get the same incredible quality parts that went into your Jeep at the factory. Whether you are looking for simple replacements like new brakes or wheels, or you need to replace a more significant component like part of your drivetrain or shock absorbers that have taken a lot of abuse on the trail, genuine OEM parts are the way to go. These parts keep your Jeep running beautifully and ensure you maintain warranty coverage on your vehicle by using the parts that Jeep approves as replacements.

If you are looking to customize your Jeep or add to it, then we can also help you explore a wide range of Mopar accessories designed to take your driving experience to the next level. Just about anything you could want to elevate your Jeep you can find with Mopar accessories, from Jeep Performance lift kits designed to improve ground clearance to snorkels that ensure your engine gets plenty of air even when splashing through deep water. With one of our helpful sales people by your side, it is easy to explore everything Mopar has to offer for your Jeep and get you the accessories that will take your next adventure to a higher level.

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