Start Earning Your Badge of Honor Right Here in Colorado

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Used Jeep Renegade - Colorado Springs


Owning an iconic Jeep brand vehicle is, in and of itself, a badge of honor. As a Jeep owner, you are among an elite group of drivers with a rich history evidenced by an incredible past. The first Jeep drivers to ever sit behind the wheel of one of these off-road machines stormed the beaches at Normandy in World War II. While your off-road excursion is guaranteed to be a less intense experience than that of the American WWII solider, every Jeep owner carries with them a small piece of our nation’s proud history whenever they get behind the wheel. The noble beginnings of the most iconic automotive brand in America represent the very core of the honor that comes along with Jeep ownership. The rest of it has to be earned, and whether you drive a brand new model or a used Jeep, you can begin the quest to earn your very own Jeep Badge of Honor right here in Colorado.


What is the Jeep Badge of Honor?




The Jeep Badge of Honor program was born out of the adventurous lifestyle Jeep owners live by. It can be viewed as a physical spin off to the intangible Jeep Culture all drivers of this brand experience. The Badge of Honor program began as a response to tradition, and has come to fruition in the form of a smartphone app.

Jeep vehicle owners are able to download this exclusive app to their iPhone or Android smartphones, and begin sharing their off-road antics, adventures, mishaps, and successes. The app serves as an official online community of Jeep drivers who are committed to continuing their adventures well beyond where the pavement ends. The Jeep Badge of Honor is not meant for the weak-willed or the driver who prefers to play it safe – but was rather designed for the adventurous individual who knows no limits when it comes to exploring the United States in their trusted Jeep vehicle.

The app features over forty off-road trails that are rated by the level of difficulty required to successfully complete each one. Maps, specific trail information, and pictures that were taken by members of this exclusive Jeep community are all available inside the app. Instilling adventure and building community between drivers is what the heart of the Jeep Badge of Honor encompasses, and thanks to advances in technology – the Jeep community is more connected than ever before.


How it Works

Simply download the free app to your smartphone device, sign up for the program, and begin your off-road adventures. Jeep owners are able to view available trails within the app, and travel to each one they are determined to complete. Once you arrive at an official Badge of Honor Trail, you can check in, conquer the trail, and post photos for other members to view. For each trail that you complete, you will earn Trail Points and gain status rights within the Jeep community. The more trails that you complete, the higher your Trail Status climbs – with the Holy Grail dubbed Trail Expert of the off-road online community.

In the true exploring nature of the brand, the Jeep Badge of Honor app works with or without internet connection. This not only ensures proper credit for trail completion, but that you can continue on your adventure without fear of ever losing connection to the community in which you belong.

Drivers who are interested in wearing their Badge of Honor on their sleeve, or in this case their vehicle, are required to register their 17-digit VIN number within the app prior to checking into trails. Once you are successful in completing a new trail, the iconic off-road brand will send you an official Hard Badge for display on the exterior of your Jeep. You can proudly display your successful off-road endeavors for all to see, and easily spot others who participate in this adventure-inducing program.


Get Started Right Here in Colorado




Colorado is home to some of the best off-road trails this country has to offer, and as a Jeep dealer here in Colorado Springs, The Faricy Boys get a front row seat to these extreme Badge of Honor challenges. If you are a Jeep owner and resident of Colorado, you are already well on your way to earning badges. All you have to do is download the app and get going. Let’s check out some of the trails available on the Badge of Honor app that you can conquer as early as today!

  • Holy Cross Trail: The closest to Colorado Springs, the Holy Cross Trail is located in Vail, CO. Rated at a 7-9 difficulty level, there have been a total of 64 check-ins since it was added to the list. This trail is open June through November, so be sure to head out during that time in order to earn your badge.
  • Engineer Pass: The next trail here in Colorado is located in Ouray, and is rated a 5-6 for difficulty. Over 380 Jeep owners have conquered this trail, which means there are plenty of tips and suggestions waiting in the app before you head out. This trail is open May through June, which leaves a small window of opportunity each year – plan accordingly.
  • Poughkeepsie Gulch: Also located in Ouray, this newly added trail offers a difficultly level of 5-7, and has only been completed by a handful of Jeep drivers.
  • Black Bear Pass: Just down Interstate 550 in Telluride, CO, is the next trail on our list. With a lower difficulty level of 4-6, this trail has been completed by close to 400 off-road enthusiasts. Open July through September, Black Bear Pass offers more flexibility in terms of scheduling than some of the others here in Colorado.
  • Ophir Pass: Also in Telluride, this trail sees an easy level of 3-4, and has close to 300 check-ins so far. A great trail to hit before you head back to the Springs, or even before lunch.
  • Imogene Pass: Located in Ouray just outside of Mountain Village, this trail has seen over 350 Badge of Honor participants, and has a moderate difficulty rating of 4-6. With an open season of June through October, you will have plenty of time to get this one in before winter arrives.


The Adventure Never Ends


2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee


One of the great things about the Badge of Honor program is that trails are added to the list continuously. For those looking for other nearby badge-earning opportunities, just over the Colorado-Utah border, ten more trails await.

Download the Jeep Badge of Honor app, and join the community of like-minded off-road enthusiasts just like yourself, who are committed to the Jeep life.