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The amount of used Jeeps available in Colorado Springs shouldn’t be surprising. After all, Colorado is chock full of off-road adventure. That’s why The Faricy Boys are happy to be located here, and proud to sell high-quality used Jeeps of all shapes and sizes. After all, used doesn’t mean outdated — especially when it comes to Jeeps. Ask any die-hard Jeep addict, and you’ll soon find out that many feel the older the Jeep, the better it performs off-road. That’s not to belittle the new Jeeps; rather, it’s a timeless testament to the superior build and materials Jeep models have when compared to the competition.

Whether you’re looking to get a Jeep for off-roading or transporting the kids, these rugged and built-to-last vehicles are perfect.

What The Faricy Boys Offers Their Customers

When you work with The Faricy Boys, you can expect the following: a family-owned car buying experience that’s been supported for over 73 years (since 1942), by a backbone made up of real prices and real people will change the way you look at car dealerships. Unlimited car washes for 60 days after purchase, a complimentary full tank of gas with every purchase, and a comprehensive reconditioning report on every qualified used car are only a few of the ways that we look out for our customers.


Used Doesn’t Mean Outdated

Just because a vehicle is used doesn’t mean it’s outdated. Jeep models are notorious for retaining their value, especially wheeling rigs. That’s because just like their value, they retain their capability for many years. In particular, Wranglers manufactured from the early 1990s, late 1980s, all the way up to 2015 can be found on the road.

While people typically throw aftermarket parts on their Jeeps, all stock Jeeps still have the capability to go off-roading. While the new ones might have updated technologies and materials to aid in that endeavor, that doesn’t mean the used ones are any worse off. Which is why the Wrangler model line has such legendary performance off-road, and is still considered the king.

Those who say Jeeps don’t make good family vehicles have been misled. People see the custom modded Jeeps with 35” tires and a 2.5” lift kit, and don’t want their child riding in it. Sure, this makes sense, but there is more to Jeep than just off-roading. The Grand Cherokees — especially models from recent years — make perfect family vehicles. They have plenty of space, offer better fuel economy than ever before, are safe, and can traverse harsh, and even hazardous terrain. You’re safer in one of these in the winter than a sedan thanks to the 4×4 capability.

While they might not have some of the more advanced amenities (depending on the year) like touchscreens or heated seats, their performance on and off the road is still far from outdated.


Off-Road Capability

If it’s one thing Jeeps are known for other than off-roading, it is their durable nature. Every Jeep model is built to last, and can take a beating. Since WWII, the Jeep nameplate has been tested in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. It’s because of the perseverance of the Willys MB (the first Jeep) that the first Wrangler TJ followed the tried and true design. Over the next 70 years, the Jeep models would change in appearance and design, but not in durability.

Coincidently, the durability of Jeep models such as the Wrangler is why it’s such a capable off-road machine. There’s a reason the look has changed but the core design hasn’t, because it’s an iconic symbol in the off-roading community. Not only that, but the design obviously works — so why try and fix something that isn’t broken?

Along with the core design, there are also a few timeless (and well known) off-roading parts that can be found on off-roading rigs like the Wrangler Rubicon, regardless of year. The Dana .44 axle is one of those items, and has a reputation for being one of the toughest axles on the market. This just goes to show that regardless of what year Jeep Wrangler you buy, you’ll be getting one that has timeless performance and capability.

Apart from the one-of-a-kind off-road test track we have at the dealership, there are also plenty of places to go around Colorado Springs, Colorado. That explains why we at The Faricy Boys are so passionate about our Jeeps. Eagle Rock is a good trail, and has some challenges for rigs that are little more than stock, and is still plenty tough enough if your Jeep is heavily modded. The entrance is memorable simply because you might have to drive through a shallow pond to get to it, which sets the tone for the type of off-roading experience that lies ahead.

Another good trail is Saran Wrap, which is in the same area as Eagle Rock. It’s a fun network of spur roads that connects to the Eagle Rock trail in a couple of places, and is perfect for stock or slightly modded rigs. Heavily modded Wranglers or experienced wheelers might find the experience slightly dry.



Even though off-roading is a big part of owning a Jeep, it’s not all the brand has to offer, which is why there are also family-friendly models like the Grand Cherokee and Cherokee.

The Cherokee was revived in 2014 into a more fuel-efficient and aerodynamic vehicle. It’s a big difference compared to the Cherokee model that got discontinued all those years ago, and now provides a strong and refined on- and off-road experience. The 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine puts out 184 horsepower and 171 lb-ft of torque, and gets up to 22 mpg city and 31 mpg highway. That’s close to being on par with your average midsize sedan, but has the safety and capability of an SUV. Winter weather or rough roads aren’t anything to fear when driving this vehicle.

The Grand Cherokee is in the same boat with its refined and powerful performance, but is slightly more spacious than the Cherokee. This midsize SUV can do a little of everything, and with room for five combined with a well-trimmed cabin, you’ll be comfortable wherever the adventure takes you. Let’s look at the 2014 model again, for the sake of consistency. This Jeep is one of the few remaining SUVs that can handle on and off-road situations, with a rare blend of elegance and ruggedness.

The upscale interior and strong, yet refined engine lineup isn’t the only thing impressive about this vehicle though. It’s also home to a host of safety and entertainment technology-oriented features, such as forward collision warning, blind spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control. An 8.4-inch touchscreen is optional, and can be outfitted with navigation technology and a host of entertainment options. A Blu-Ray capable rear-seat entertainment system is only one of the ways the kids can stay entertained with Uconnect capabilities.

While it’s recognized as being a more-than capable off-roader, the Grand Cherokee is associated as the family vehicle in the Jeep lineup — and it’s okay with that. Especially since it does such a good job of getting the kids from point A to point B safely.


Why Shop at The Faricy Boys?

The Jeep brand has become a legend over the years, and has a rich history. Therefore, it’s important that it’s sold by a dealership that also understands the importance of respecting your roots. Since The Faricy Boys has been serving the Colorado Springs area for more than 73 years, we are perfect for the job.

Our roots are backed by our family-owned atmosphere, and the traditions this type of family environment has – and continues to create. When we said real people, we’re talking about all the staff members of our family. Our sales team is eager to help answer any questions you might have about our inventory, and get you into that used Jeep you’ve always dreamed of.

Our used and new vehicles all come with real prices, which means no hidden fees or stress during the transaction. We even have a price protection guarantee, so you know that our prices are the lowest in the area. That way, you can enjoy the simple fact that you are getting a car from a customer-focused dealership where honesty and integrity are top priority — in addition to customer satisfaction.

When you shop with us, you’re part of The Faricy Boys for life!