Best Modifications For Your Jeep Wrangler

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Jeep Wranglers on Gold Mountain Trail, Big Bear, CAWhen you belong to the beloved world of Jeep Wranglers, you come to understand that there are no two Wranglers exactly alike. Whether is a brand new or used Jeep Wrangler, you bought it with the full intention of going off-road.

Even in this very tight knit community of enthusiasts, Jeep owners are drawn together with the understanding and acceptance that they’re Jeep is unlike any other. It’s a highly individualized market where you can make your Wrangler be as plain and simple or decked out and hardcore as you ever wish.

The World of Mods

The world of aftermarket modifications is an entire market unto itself. Ask anyone who’s been caught up in it, and they’ll tell you how addicting playing with their toys has become. This world reaches a specific niche for the big kids who never stopped playing with their legos and those who still dream for bigger and better.

And not just off-road, off trail. Not just off-trail, over that boulder. Not just over that boulder, across that small river, deeper into the woods till there’s no cellular service, no traffic noise. Far away till it’s just you and nature, as was intended.

While that sounds amazing and I can’t wait to join you, you’re going to need some modifications for that to happen.  Let’s take a look at the top mods you can get to help ease your journey and make it the most kick a** adventure ever.  

Get Lifted


The very first thing you want to do before going hardcore off-roading is building your Jeep up. Gaining ground clearance with a lift kit is the best and really only way to ensure your Wrangler will stay clear off all the extra debris you will be expecting it to crawl over.

A good lift kit means the difference of clearing obstacles without harm or needing a tow out of a gnarly situation. Suggested as best, though opinions vary, is the TERAFLEX 3-Inch Long Arm Lift Kit W/Shocks.  

Along with a lift kit, you’ll need to ensure your Jeep maintains a low center of gravity, just so you stay sunny side up. A Long Arm kit is a great solution for this. Using an advanced long arm system along with a lift height helps keep a low center of gravity. The long arm also helps the Jeep provide a smooth and stable ride while on the regular road, not the fun off-road. 

Long arm kits come highly recommended from most experts, not just because they correct suspension geometry, but because a smooth ride during a normal drive in your daily life keeps your love for your Wrangler constant, rather than just when off roading.  

What Rubber You’re Riding On


Unfortunately, having awesome clearance really means nothing if you don’t have as awesome tires to match it. Sure, you’ll have the height, but without grip, you’re still not going anywhere.

While all enthusiasts have their loyalties and preferences, there are some that are just better than others when it comes to grip.

And while we love to put American-made tires on our mostly American made Jeep, Nitto and Toyo brands offer Open Country Mud Terrain & Mud Grappler Tires, which work equally as well. Keep in mind, though, off road tires on an open road aren’t the best. In fact, they tend to be quite harsh and rather noisy.  

There is another choice; a choice that combines your love for the trail with your quest for a peaceful ride to work every day.

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radials handle both on and off road rides with function and ease without being too noisy like mud tires can be but not compromising grip when you need it most. Enthusiasts will be able to appreciate the great handling these show on the highway as well as its puncture resistance that improves performance when on the trails.

Thanks to the Mickey Thompson Power Ply with 3-ply sidewall which not only does work to resist that sharp rock cutting through the thick tire walls, but it also works toward improving towing capacity.  

As a “hybrid-tire” the Baja MTZ really offers the best of both worlds working well in mud and concrete.

Rock Monster Wheels


When you are looking for a specific beadlock that is not only trail ready and approved, but also DOT approved, there is only one to turn to: Hutchinson’s Rock Monster Civilian Application Double Bead Lock Wheels.

As you head out onto the trails, you can often find yourself needing to let some air out of your tires to increase traction. If you don’t have a beadlock to assist you, the tire can unseat itself and come off the rim. Some that you see are either fake, illegal for onroad use or not DOT approved. Luckily, the Hutchinson’s are none of those things.

Having strong ties to the Military and DOD, Hutchinson has recently adapted their military-grade wheels for consumer 4×4’s so they’re designed for the most extreme off-road conditions one can imagine, and few want to experience.

The Rock Monster wheels will hold the tires in place against both inner and outer rims, secure regardless of the situation. Military grade wheels means you won’t have to worry about the beads breaking or slippping.

Light It Up


The trail, that is. When you’ve spent hours out on the trails and you’ve now found yourself still far outside the realm of regular life, you’ll need some real lights to guide your path back. Stock headlights, even OEM’s leave a lot to be desired when it comes to making your Wrangler the best for you. The perfect option for stylish and functional lighting are Jeep LED headlight units.

Producing 2700 lumens of output, JW Speaker 8700 Evolution Headlights for Jeep are some of the best replacement for round headlights. Providing visibility for all around while improving the aesthetics of your Jeep, they can even reduce an electrical drain on your vehicle by upgrading to High-Intensity Discharge and LED illumination.  

If total illumination is what you’re looking for, then LED light bars from Rigid Industries will have what you need. Highlighting sand dunes and identifying trails, boulders and log stumps will come easily when you throw these bad boys on.  

LED lighting of today is modern, incredibly bright and low-draw compared to the days of halogen.

Letting the Air Out


To allow your motor and accessories run cooler and also aid your radiator in operating, letting the hot air that builds up under the hood escape is a must. An AEV All Steel Direct Fit Heat Extraction Hood assures that air flow is moving in the proper directions and no heat is stuck building up.

The hood is designed to provide fresh air intake as well as cooling with a heat extraction vent that causes cooler outside air to come in through the radiator and up to the hood.  

Being ready for the trail is what it’s all about. A fiberglass hood is durable and can stand up to any beating. Mesh inserts on the sides allow for a snorkel to fit in place should marine life be part of your future ventures.  

Make it Hardcore; Make it Yours 

When you own a jeep, you want to make it hardcore. You modify it because you’ve tapped into a special part of yourself. You’re celebrating that part of you that loves to get lost in the wilderness, who seeks outdoor adventure.

As refreshing as it feels to be alone surrounded by nature, it’s comforting to know that there’s an entire community of people who’ve tapped into that same part of themselves. Jeep owners and enthusiasts are just those people.

Stay connected by sharing your stories with other owners who have the same cravings for going outside and getting muddy.  


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