2019 Jeep Cherokee – Colorado Springs, CO

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  • Overview

    Colorado Springs - A white 2019 Jeep Cherokee from the Faricy Boys

    When it comes to adventurous vehicles with style and class, the only option worth even looking at is the 2019 Jeep Cherokee. Every aspect of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee is complemented by another. Its powerful performance, compact size, effortless resilience, and smooth styling all work together in harmony to create one stunning masterpiece that is ready for any journey, and perfect for nearly any driver who desires more out of life. Never again feel unprepared as you use the 2019 Cherokee as your personal utility belt fitted with a personalized selection of efficient tools and exciting features. The cabin will also keep you organized with plenty of cabin space that is flexible and easy to adjust for passenger, cargo, or mixed use. As for the exterior, you will not find a more visually stunning Jeep that knows how to dine with the upper-class while still being able to handle itself against the wild spirit of nature. But in order to fight nature, you must be a force of nature yourself. This is why the 2019 Cherokee produces up to 271 hp and can tow 4,500 pounds while still maintaining its fuel efficiency. The simple fact is this; if you are looking for something that is ideal for balancing everyday efficiency with the sudden urge to take the path unknown, then you will not find a more stylish or reliable traveling companion around Colorado Springs than the 2019 Jeep Cherokee.



    271 hp*


    4,500 lbs**

    Max Towing Capacity

    Starting at


  • Utility

    Colorado Springs - A silver 2019 Jeep Cherokee drives an empty highway at dusk

    You can never have enough utility while on the road, and so the 2019 Jeep Cherokee does everything it can to keep itself spacious and flexible. The cargo space of the 2019 Cherokee is 54.9 cubic feet with all the rear seating down, but even with all the seats up and in use, you will have 25.8 cubic feet, plus a few additional storage spaces to work with. That 54.9 cubic feet can be used in any way you can imagine. With the 60/40 split rear bench that can easily fold down or slide up, you can configure your space to match the moment without any hassle. Need room for more passengers? Keep all the rear seats up. Need more cargo space? Slide them up, partially fold them, or fully fold them to make room for exactly as much as you need. This is the ultimate form of space efficiency, and it will make loading and unloading a breeze.

    In addition to the rear seating, there are also a few other items that were designed to increase the utility of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee. This model actually features a loading floor that is hidden under the flat cargo area in the trunk. This space will not only give you more room to play with, but will also be helpful for storing items that you want to keep safe and secure during the trip, or just extra items you may not necessarily need but could possibly want. There are also small storage areas throughout the cabin such as a handy cell phone holder that can be used as a small space up front to secure all of your small tech or valuables. In addition to all of that, there is also power Liftgate as an option which is a feature that allows you to open your trunk with just a light kick of the foot in order to make loading a simple task, even when your hands are full.

    You can take a nice trip to the beach with the family, and have plenty of space for all the ocean toys, towels, and lounge chairs you need to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea, or maybe you want to have an epic camping adventure with all the gear you need to stay safe and enjoy all that nature has to offer, or perhaps you find out about a business meeting at the main office a few states away and want to make sure you make the best impression possible with all the right work materials. The basic point is that no matter what the journey calls for you will always be prepared if you have a 2019 Jeep Cherokee as your traveling companion, around Colorado or beyond!

  • Performance

    Colorado Springs - A bright red 2019 Jeep Cherokee navigates a sandy path

    With three engine options you will get the freedom to choose exactly what you need out of your 2019 Jeep Cherokee, but at the end of the day every one of these engines is a perfect match in its own way.

    The standard option is a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine with 184 hp and 171 lb-ft of torque with an EPA rating of 31 mpg highway. The advantages to this powertrain are that it is lightweight, fuel efficient, and a great value for the power you are receiving.

    For around $1,700 more you can upgrade to the 3.2L V6 engine that commands the road with 271 hp and 239 lb-ft of torque with a still impressive fuel rating of 29 mpg highway. This engine will also be the one to get you that max towing potential of 4,500 pounds. The advantages to this model are clearly its increased power output that will leave you stunned.

    For around $2,200 more than the standard engine you can invest in the 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo engine that produces 270 hp and a massive 295 lb-ft of torque. This engine also has the same fuel rating as the standard. The advantage to this model is that it gives you the best of pretty much everything, but it will cost you.

    When it comes to the 2019 Jeep Cherokee, you can’t really go wrong with your engine choice. It’s all a matter of personal preferences and how much power you think you will really need or want in your everyday life.

  • Durability

    Colorado Springs - A dark gray 2019 Jeep Cherokee parked outside of an upscale home

    The 2019 Jeep Cherokee may look as though it was made for city streets, but this proud model is still a Jeep at heart, and as such is powerfully designed and trail ready. Not many vehicles can say they are tough and refined, but the 2019 Cherokee pulls it off seamlessly.

    To start, the 2019 Cherokee is available in a 4x2 or 4x4 model. The 4x2 is your standard commuter vehicle that is lighter in weight, great for handling while on the road, and is a more affordable option. That being said, you will clearly find that these models will not often be able to take on difficult weather and terrain as easily. The 4x4, on the other hand, can take on practically anything Mother Nature can dish out including mud, snow, ice, steep inclines, uneven terrain, or even flowing water. This model will clearly cost drivers a few thousand extra but if you live in an area with interesting weather habits, or just love taking the road less traveled, the upgrade is generally well worth the price.

    The 2019 Jeep Cherokee is trail rated tough, and that means you will never have to worry about where you drive. No matter what trail you blaze the 2019 Jeep Cherokee is ready to get you through the worst of it with its advanced list of off-road features that are designed to increase traction and durability in any condition. You have increased traction, articulation, and maneuverability to ensure that everything moves when, where, and how it’s supposed to. You can cruise through up to 19 inches of water with high air intake and advanced body sealing. You also will never have to worry about what’s on the road, because any obstacle in your path can be overcome with simple up and over maneuverability. There is also a simple to use terrain management system that gives you the ability to switch between driving modes to ensure you are at the best setting for every situation. For the 2019 Cherokee, the model options include auto, sport, sand/mud, and optional rock which can automatically alter 12 of your vehicle's systems to sync with the mode.

    The 2019 Jeep Cherokee was built to withstand the elements, and a vehicle like that will often have a long life ahead of it. Durability and adaptability are some of the most impressive things a vehicle can offer, and the 2019 Cherokee is at the top of its game in those two categories.

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