Why the Jeep Compass Is the Most Cost-Effective SUV for Consumers

October 14th, 2022 by

A white 2021 Jeep Compass is shown driving through a puddle.

For many consumers, shopping for a vehicle means adhering to the confines of a budget. This entails a great amount of research in hopes of finding an affordable vehicle that can go the extra mile in terms of reliability. For the family-oriented car shopper, this means finding a vehicle that’s ideal for the family but also conforms to the two previously mentioned qualities.

These days, the SUV has achieved widespread popularity as the ideal choice for today’s modern family on the go. When looking for an affordable compact SUV with exceptional fuel economy, Jeep is a manufacturer that consumers often consider during their search. With that said, the Jeep Compass is the most economical small SUV to buy. For Colorado residents looking for a Colorado Springs used SUV dealer, make The Faricy Boys your first and last stop on your hunt for that perfect used SUV. We offer an extensive selection of used models, including the amazing Jeep Compass, that is sure to meet the needs of you and your family.

A Look at the Compass and How It Differs From Other Jeep Models

The Jeep Compass is what happens when one of the leading manufacturers of off-road excellence finds the ideal compromise between size and capability. In recent years, the SUV has undergone a process of domestication, utilizing smaller powertrains and making them much more maneuverable, not to mention accessible to the average driver. The Compass is slightly larger than the Renegade but not nearly as large as the renowned Jeep Cherokee. Unlike the large and cumbersome powertrains that SUVs had in years prior, the Compass fires on four cylinders, not the six and eight that some of its predecessors did. While the Compass has no trouble navigating the city streets and suburbs, it also can do what many Jeeps have done for decades and pursue adventures of the off-roading variety.

A grey 2021 Jeep Compass is shown from the rear driving at sunset.

A Brief History of the Jeep Compass

Now that we’ve established what exactly the Compass is, we’ll now give a brief history lesson of how this vehicle came to be. The Compass made its debut for the 2007 model year when SUVs began gaining more traction and popularity as the ideal family vehicle. Jeep managed to provide something that retained the prowess that has been long associated with the brand, but also the style and practicality that it still retains today.

A sign of an excellent manufacturer is one who knows how to adapt to the changing trends and needs of the public. Jeep has shown, time and time again, that it possesses this quality and demonstrates it with every model year. The evolution of greatness within the Compass can be seen in its sales figures. Surpassing over 100,000 units three years in a row, the public has certainly had a lot of faith in the Compass, and it shows.

A Low MSRP That Underbids the Competition

The beginning MSRP of the Compass is quite accessible and affordable, with the 2022 model starting at $26,785.[a] This price is notable because it successfully underbids many of the competing models in its class. Considerably less than the Honda CR-V and Mazda CX-50, Jeep offers quality at an affordable price. Like many other Jeep vehicles currently on the market, the Compass comes in a wide variety of trims and editions that can be fully customized to your unique taste.

Not only is the Compass a cost-effective choice that gives you more for your money, but it affords you peace of mind, which, of course, is priceless. Jeep has received consistent safety ratings from the NHTSA (National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration) and the IIHS ( Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), which have been exceptional and speak to the manufacturer’s tireless pursuit of perfection.

Saving at the Pump and Beyond

An ongoing concern for many consumers is having a vehicle that’s not only attainable within their limited budget, but also cost-effective in terms of conservative fuel consumption. Jeep has always been known for its reputation as a rugged and independent spirit, and while this is of great importance to some, practicality is a priority for others. The EPA, which tests MPG ratings for many vehicles, had some favorable research to report.

According to EPA ratings, the Compass possesses a combined fuel economy of 25 MPG. Properly broken down, this equates to the SUV achieving 22 MPG in the city and 31 MPG on the highway. The EPA estimates that the annual cost of fuel for a Compass is approximately $2,250. Considering the size of the Compass and its focus on performance and off-roading, this is an economics lesson that we can certainly get behind.

Aside from paying at the pump, another cost that comes with ownership of any vehicle is the routine maintenance that’s essential to keep it running on the road. Once again, this is a non-linear matter, as the necessity of routine service is dictated by how much you drive your vehicle. According to CarEdge.com, repair costs for the Compass don’t exceed the $1,000 mark for the first six years of ownership.

One of the biggest advantages that also comes with the ownership of any Jeep vehicle is the slower rate of depreciation when compared to some of the competition. All vehicles undergo this process from the moment they’re sold and driven off the lot. If you’re thinking of selling your Compass, then you’re in luck. Even after a five-year period, the Compass manages to retain over 70% of its original value.

The final part of this cost-effective analysis comes down to insurance. Many states require that your vehicle be insured if you want to own and operate it. There are a lot of contributing factors that determine insurance premiums. Among these are your driving record, whether or not you use your vehicle for work, the age of the vehicle, and how much you paid for it outright. Premiums will also vary depending on which provider you choose to insure your vehicle and which state you live in. CarEdge.com estimated that the average annual cost of insuring a Jeep Compass is $1,453. This is cheaper than the average, and these savings add up over time.

A red 2021 Jeep Compass is shown from the side after leaving a Colorado Springs used SUV dealer.

The Jeep Compass Balances Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness

When it comes to pursuing a higher quality of life, there shouldn’t be a glass ceiling that’s closely guarded by gatekeepers who only allow a select few to own a reliable vehicle. Working within the confines of a budget should never limit your selection; you’re entitled to the same opportunities as anyone else when it comes to getting ahead. As we’ve seen here, the Jeep Compass offers so much for so little.

With a lower-than-average MSRP, incredible standard safety features, and a reliable reputation when it comes to low maintenance costs, insurance premiums, and fuel consumption, the Jeep Compass checks all of the boxes when it comes to offering a cost-effective vehicle that’s beneficial to the average person who tends towards being frugal with their purchases. It appears that Jeep is not only ahead of the curve in producing vehicles that are safe, reliable, and backed by one of the best warranties in the entire industry, but they’re also aware of consumer needs and have tailored their models to agree with them. We welcome you to come down to The Faricy Boys today and experience the Jeep Compass for yourself!