Why Jeeps Have the Best Insurance Rates

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Why Jeeps Have the Best Insurance RatesIf you’re in the market for a new Jeep, you probably know what to expect from your new vehicle. You’ll receive a luxurious interior (some are now referring to the brand’s products as ‘luxury SUVs’), a powerful engine, and some entertaining off-road capabilities. You may have not expected a cheaper insurance rate, but that could certainly be the case

Whether you’re seeking new Jeeps or used Jeeps for sale, see why you may receive a nice surprise when you’ve received your first insurance quote…

Why Jeeps Have the Best Insurance RatesA trio of Jeeps made Insure.com’s top-10 list for cheapest cars to ensure: the Jeep Wrangler Sport (number one, $1,134 a year), Patriot Sport (number two) and the Compass Sport (number six). It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Jeep was so prevalent on the list, considering crossovers, minivans and similar off-roading vehicles always dominate these kinds of rankings. It is worth nothing, however, that Jeep was the only brand to be featured three times on the Insure.com report.

As Susan Tompor of the Detroit Free Press and Chris Woodyard of USA Today describe, the report was based on the insurance rates of more than 1,500 vehicles. While the figures were inconsistent across the country (for example, a Wrangler in Maine may require a $694 annual insurance payment, while a Wrangler in Michigan could cost up to $2,027), they at least give us a clue as to what types of vehicles (and brands) these insurance companies prioritize.

Why Jeeps Have the Best Insurance RatesWhile sedans used to be among the cheapest types of cars to insure (the Smart FortwoPure was the lone “traditional car” on the list), that’s no longer the case. As Penny Gusner, an analyst at Insure.com, told Tompor and Woodyard, those concerned about insurance may want to seek an SUV or minivan. Why these types of vehicles? The cheapest cars to insure are often “easier to repair or may have fewer claims, or both.”

“Vehicles that are driven by cautious moms and dads tend to be in fewer collisions and thus cost less to insure,” she said. “Insurance rates are all about claims — how many and how big.”

Of course, there a variety of additional details that are considered by insurance companies when determinijng your annual rate. Besides your accident and driving history, you may be handed a bigger bill if your vehicle contains a number of pricey features. These could include a navigation package, an impressive speaker system, and any addition that may alter how the vehicle operates (regardless of the size).

Why Jeeps Have the Best Insurance Rates

Furthermore, prioritizing safety features may not work as well as you’d have hoped. You’ll see little to zero difference in your insurance rate after adding parking assist, emergency brake assistance, forward collision warning, or whatever innovative technology can be added to your new vehicle.

The logic makes plenty of sense, and this is just another reason why car buyers should be prioritizing Jeeps. If you’re convinced, head down to The Faricy Boys, where the helpful staff will find the perfect new or used Jeep for you!

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