What to Expect From a Used Jeep Patriot

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It’s 2016, and you know what that means. This year’s models are starting to flood dealership’s lots, and these businesses are looking to sell previous year’s models to make room. This is an excellent opportunity for those eyeing used vehicles, as you may be able to secure a 2015 model for a fraction of the price of a 2016 model.

In that case, if you’re in the market for a used compact SUV, there’s really only one option: a used 2015 Jeep Patriot.

There are several advantages to pursuing a used vehicle. Predictably, a used model will be considerably more affordable than a new model. Despite this price discrepancy, you should still be able to find a Jeep Patriot will low mileage (assuming you’re pursuing a 2015 model), meaning you’ll have your SUV for at least a half-decade. Finally, you may be able to acquire several luxury features without paying extra. Normally, it costs a pretty penny to have these amenities added to your vehicle.

Of course, even without these factors, the Jeep Patriot is still a perfect choice for those seeking a used vehicle. Continue reading to understand why it may be in your best interest to pursue a used Jeep Patriot over a new model…

No Patriot Will Look the Same


Well, this isn’t entirely accurate. There are certainly some identical Jeep Patriots sitting on used lots. Still, considering the number of ways customers could personalize their SUVs, you’ll be able to find a version that fits your liking.

In regards to exterior color options, there were a number of options available for the 2015 model:

  • Black
  • Bright White
  • True Blue Pearl
  • Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl
  • Eco Green Pearl
  • Maximum Steel Metallic
  • Billet Silver Metallic
  • Granite Crystal Metallic

You’ll likely come across several different trim options, as well. The Patriot Limited, Sport, and Latitude each offer their own specific features and capabilities, whether it be the inclusion of leather-trimmed seats on the Limited or the deep tint glass on the Sport.

Of course, each Jeep Patriot is going to contain the same attributes that originally separated the SUV from its rivals. The muscular, angular design is consistent in each Jeep, as are the front fog lamps, the familiar seven-slot grille, and the trapezoidal wheel well openings. Speaking of wheels, you’ll come across a pair of options when you’re eyeing a used 2015 Patriot: the 16-inch styled-steel and the 17-inch painted cast-aluminum.

However, They’ll All Perform Similarly


The Patriot is one of the most capable SUVs in the class, and the pair of engine options offer dependable performance. The 2.0-liter DOHC 16-valve engine offers solid power specs (158 horsepower, 141 pounds-feet of torque), but the unit truly makes a name for itself via the incredible fuel economy. The engine delivers 30 highway miles per gallon, and drivers can expect a range the exceeds 400 miles! These are numbers that are practically unmatched when it comes to compact SUVs.

Meanwhile, the 2.4-liter World Engine offers a bump in the power department, with the unit maxing out at 172 horsepower and 165 pounds-feet of torque. These specs help contribute to the Patriot’s incredible 2,000-pound towing capacity. Of course, the unit is also fuel efficient, offering 28 highway miles per gallon.

An Interior Filled With Comfort/Convenience Amenities


While the used Patriots you come across may feature different exteriors, the inside of the SUVs should stay pretty consistent.

The available heated front seats can be adorned with either McKinley leather trim (Dark Slate Gray or Light Pebble Beige) or cloth trim. These seats provide maximum comfort, and the chrome accents help add sparks of luxury to the cabin. While the leather seats may traditionally cost more, you may be able to acquire this feature without paying extra!

A decade ago, customers prioritized an operating engine when they were shopping for used cars. Nowadays, these potential buyers are seeking the latest technology. A used Jeep Patriot will certainly deliver in that regard, as the Uconnect 430N System (available on the Limited and Latitude) offers a number of applications to improve the driving experience. The SiriusXM Satellite Radio will provide the driver will endless radio options, and if they prefer, they can seamlessly attach their MP3 player to the unit. Want to enjoy the system when you’re not driving? The liftgate speakers and sound system attach to the rear hatch, allowing you to enjoy your tunes at anytime, anywhere.

Meanwhile, drivers will also have access to the SiriusXM Link, which is coupled with the advanced Garmin GPS Navigation system. This will certainly come in handy for those drivers who don’t have a good sense of direction. All of these capabilities are accessible via the 6.5-inch touchscreen, or drivers can use the steering wheel-mounted controls to access many of the basic applications.

The interior includes several other convenience features, like the Automatic Temperature Control system, which allows each passenger to manipulate the air conditioning/heat to their ideal conditions. The sunroof will provide plenty of fresh air to your cabin, while the illuminated cupholders will prevent you from spilling beverages inside your “new” Jeep Patriot.

SUVs are often pursued for their abundance of cargo room, and the Jeep Patriot is no exception. Thanks to the 60/40 split-folding reclining rear seats, owners will have access to 535-cubic-feet of cargo volume. This means you can fit all of your cargo and luggage without compromising too much passenger space.

Plenty of Safety Features


Regardless of which Jeep Patriot you end up with, you can be assured that the SUV will be full of safety features. It starts with the sturdy design, which will absorb much of the energy in the event of a collision. Meanwhile, the six airbags will help cushion each of the vehicle’s occupants.

Meanwhile, the Electronic Stability Control will help assist the driver in any road conditions. The Antilock Brake System will improve the driver’s ability to control the Patriot, and it will also help decrease the stopping distance. The Brake Assist System will come in handy when you suddenly need to rely on your brakes, and the Electronic Roll Mitigation relies on built-in sensors to help prevent rollover.

Finally, the Sentry Key is the ultimate antitheft companion for your vehicle. The key doesn’t only allow you to remotely start your vehicle, but it also prevents any non-key holders to operate the SUV.

It’s Affordable


This may be one of the most important distinctions, especially since you’re pursuing a used Patriot. You’re probably working on some sort of budget, so an inexpensive vehicle is ideal.

Many used Jeep Patriots sell for around $15,000, which is about a $2,000 savings over a new model. Expect to dish out a bit more cash for the Latitude or Limited trims, but you still shouldn’t be paying more than $22,000.

Furthermore, the vehicle was also awarded Kelly Blue Book’s KBB.com Five-Year Cost to Own Award, which recognizes the vehicles that have the lowest cost of ownership. Therefore, you won’t only be saving money by opting for a used vehicle… the Jeep Patriot’s dependability means you won’t be investing future money into repairs.


Affordability, reliability, technology, and style. Can you really ask for more? Plus, by pursuing a 2015 Patriot, you can be assured that the vehicle is still operating properly, and you can expect the SUV to last at least several more years.

Sure, the luxury of buying a new car may be too much to overcome, but if you’re trying to be savvy with your money, a used Jeep Patriot is the logical route.

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