The 2014 Cherokee is the Best to Buy Used: Here’s Why

March 3rd, 2017 by

2014 Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee, not to be confused with the larger Grand Cherokee, has been a staple in the Jeep brand lineup since 1974. While it may have transformed in size, shape, and design over the past 43 years, the Jeep Cherokee still has the same heart for adventure that it was born with. The evolution of the Cherokee has been extensive, ranging from a full-size SUV, to a compact SUV, to its current crossover SUV designation. Responsible for helping to shape the brand’s most successful vehicle ever made, the Cherokee is the reason why the Grand Cherokee exists in the brand’s lineup at all. With over four decades of success under its belt, the Cherokee is one of the longest lasting nameplates in automotive history. Today, buyers are able to enjoy the incredible benefits of owning a used Jeep Cherokee model from a long list of available options from the past.

Choosing a Used Cherokee Model

With over forty years of manufacturing, it can feel impossible to single out a model year of the Cherokee to buy used. Luckily, we have narrowed it down for you. While the Cherokee boasts an impressive portfolio of dependable model years, special editions, and capable trim levels – today we are going to talk about why the 2014 Jeep Cherokee is the best to purchase in pre-owned condition for buyers on a budget.

Get Re-Acquainted with the 2014 Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep lineup has been full of amazing and capable options from the moment it produced its first vehicle back in the early 1940s. The Cherokee is certainly no exception to this, and finding a pre-owned 2014 model is one of the best ways to save money, and get everything you need out of your next new-to-you SUV. Let’s dive into everything the 2014 Cherokee had to offer when it first hit new Jeep dealerships back in 2013, and why each and every one of those things is what helps make this particular model an exceptional pre-owned SUV.

  • Out with the Old: The 2014 Cherokee model was completely redesigned from the previous year – and when we say completely, we mean business. The old boxy exterior appearance that defined past Cherokee models was gone, and it was replaced with a brand new version of itself. Sleeker, more refined, and resembling more of a mini-Grand Cherokee than past model years, the 2014 Cherokee was a show stopper from the moment it was revealed.
  • Increased Aerodynamics: If there is one thing that the boxy Jeep style was not good for, it was fuel economy. Jeep recognized this fact, and despite the love that many Jeep brand enthusiasts felt toward this classic design, the brand made the decision to swap it out for an aerodynamically-friendlier body style.
  • Unparalleled Fuel Economy: When the EPA first released the fuel economy ratings for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, let’s just say that eyebrows were raised. While it wasn’t enough to trigger a massive federal investigation (we will leave that to Volkswagen), it was enough to garner the attention of off-road SUV buyers from around the country. With a maximum combined fuel economy of 26 miles per gallon, buyers were instantly sold on the newest edition of the Cherokee and all of its money-saving benefits.
  • Affordable MSRP: In all of its upgraded glory, the base 2014 Jeep Cherokee Sport model started out at just $22,995. For a brand new Jeep SUV, this number proved more than impressive. For buyers who were intrigued by the Grand Cherokee, yet were unable to afford its high sticker price, the newly restyled Cherokee offered the perfect compromise. Even the highest-end model of the 2014 Cherokee only demanded a starting price of $30,095, making it a great choice for buyers on a budget. While brand new SUV owners were fawning over the affordably priced 2014 Cherokee, shoppers today are able to take additional advantage of the low cost of this particular model by purchasing it in pre-owned condition.
  • Standard Safety Features: Jeep not only upped the fuel economy ante with the introduction of the 2014 Cherokee, it also managed to increase the SUV’s standard list of safety features. For the 2014 model year, a select few Jeep Cherokee models came standard with parallel and perpendicular park assist, ParkSense front and rear path detection, driver blind spot detection, LaneSense lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go technology. If keeping yourself and your loved ones safe on the go is intriguing to you, there is no better option than a used 2014 Jeep Cherokee SUV.
  • Updated Technology: It’s not surprising that the newest iteration of the Jeep Cherokee received several updates in terms of amenities and in-vehicle technology. Despite the absence of shock-value, updated tech on the 2014 Cherokee model is still worth a closer look. Chrysler’s 8.4-inch touchscreen display with UConnect infotainment capabilities was added to the Cherokee lineup for the first time in history, as well as a rear view camera, a collision mitigation system, and so much more.
  • First-In-Class Transmission: Jeep has always been known for setting the bar high, especially when it comes to the competitive world of SUVs and crossovers. The newly redesigned 2014 Cherokee model presented the perfect opportunity for the iconic brand to take the segment to the next level. The first ever crossover SUV to offer a nine-speed automatic transmission, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee was one of the most fuel efficient vehicles of its kind on the road at the time it was released. With a rating of 31 miles per gallon on the highway, thanks in part to its unbelievable new powertrain, the 2014 Cherokee was truly as good as it gets.
  • The Most Rugged Cherokee Yet: If you desire the perfect off-road machine, yet require it to also manage day-to-day trips to school, the grocery store, and beyond – then the 2014 Cherokee is exactly what you need. When this version of the iconic Jeep model first came out, it was available with one of three four-wheel drive options: Active Drive I, Active Drive II, and Active Drive Lock. Essentially, this wide range of off-road capability features meant that the 2014 Cherokee was the most rugged and off-road capable version of the SUV ever produced. If crawling over rocks, traversing sandy terrain, and tackling mud-laden trails appeals to you, then the 2014 Jeep Cherokee is the used SUV you have been seeking.