Shopping for Used Jeeps at Colorado Springs’ Own Faricy Boys

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2006 Jeep Wrangler


Between sunshine and warm breezes, the ultimate summertime top-down inspiration, and Colorado’s incredible, varied terrain, it’s not surprising that consumers are on the hunt for used Jeeps in Colorado Springs and elsewhere. What other vehicle makes it possible to enjoy the best of summer and the beauty of Colorado at the same time? From their versatile capability, rugged on and off-road prowess, and whimsical, carefree feel with the top down, used Jeeps are an affordable way to celebrate summer and see the Colorado Springs area from a different perspective.

And while you could purchase a used Jeep from just about anywhere, there is no better dealership than The Faricy Boys. Centrally located in Colorado Springs, The Faricy Boys’ impressive inventory of used Jeeps meets the demands from surrounding areas as well. For more than 73 years, The Faricy Boys has been family owned and operated, with business principles centered strongly on customer service and satisfaction. Part of the satisfaction comes from feeling confident after you’ve made your used Jeep purchase that you won’t be plagued with buyer’s remorse down the road.

Trust The Faricy Boys to provide that peace of mind, courtesy of their used car assurances. To start with, all used Jeeps come with a free CarFax report, detailing the Jeep’s past life, like how many owners it’s had and whether it was ever in an accident of any kind. Complementing that report is Faricy’s own comprehensive reconditioning report, indicating what steps were required to get the Jeep ready for sale. This kind of transparency is also inherent in The Faricy Boys’ pricing, which is completely free of hidden charges or fees.

So, what kind of used Jeeps can Colorado Springs drivers expect to find at The Faricy Boys? The options are practically limitless…


Used Jeeps Abound at The Faricy Boys


2014 Jeep Compass


As an automaker, Jeep is about as iconic as it gets. And while most consumers instantly recognize and connect with the image of the Wrangler – the military might that backed the Allies during World War II – the Jeep brand encompasses many more models at this point in history.

Although there have been dozens upon dozens of Jeep model iterations since the 1940s, even including a pickup truck, there are seven contemporary models that most shoppers look for when considering a used Jeep purchase. An eighth – the Jeep Renegade – will soon join those ranks, but since it’s the newest in the lineup, good used Renegades are not as numerous.

In the spirit of a quick history lesson, here are the most sought after used Jeeps, available to the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, thanks to the extensive inventory at The Faricy Boys.


A Rough Jeep Timeline and Model Description


2014 Jeep Patriot


We’ve already mentioned the Wrangler, but for purposes of further distinction, this legacy is represented by used models like the 2007 Wranglers, equipped with a 3.8-liter V6 SMPI with 4WD, and EPA-estimated fuel efficiency rated at 19 highway, 17 city mpg. A more recent model year, like the 2013 features a 3.6-liter V6 24V VVT engine with 4WD operated by either a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission. Fuel efficiency is estimated at 21 highway, 17 city mpg from the manual, with the city mpg return dropping by one from the automatic. This is the used Jeep for anyone who appreciates the tough legacy of the Jeep lineup and the capability of cruising down the road with the possibility of conquering any of Colorado’s trail systems.

A sleeker, more refined, yet still robust Jeep model option is represented by the Jeep Cherokee. Various versions of the Cherokee have been around nearly as long as the Wrangler, but a recent model year, like the 2014, offers drivers a 3.2-liter V6, operated by a nine-speed 948TE automatic transmission, with 4WD, and fuel economy estimated at 28 highway, 19 city mpg. This model is ideal for those consumers who want the rugged capability of a Jeep, with the same off-road potential, but the added comfort of five seats, four doors, and a plusher interior.

First introduced for the 2002 model year, the Jeep Liberty is a smaller SUV than the Cherokee, with a narrower stance, and more compact feel. Just as capable, however, the Liberty – from the 2007 model year, for example, comes powered by a PowerTech 3.7-liter V6 engine, operated by a four-speed automatic VLP transmission, 4WD, and fuel efficiency of 22 highway, 17 city mpg. The Jeep Liberty is a versatile option, and will satisfy those weekend warriors who contend with the city commute during the week.

Two years after the release of the Liberty, Jeep introduced a new version of the Wrangler. Outfitted with four doors, the Wrangler Unlimited offered a bit more space and comfort than its sibling, while retaining all the ruggedness expected from the familiar Wrangler icon. Offered in a range of trims, from the entry-level Sport to the high-end and much beloved Rubicon, a 2013 4WD version of the Wrangler Unlimited shares the powertrain of the Wrangler – a 3.6-liter V6 24V VVT, operated by a five-speed automatic transmission, with 21 highway, 16 city mpg.

Although the Jeep Grand Cherokee was originally introduced for the 1993 model year, the current version came to the market in 2011. The largest in the lineup, the Grand Cherokee is designed for added comfort and convenience, offering drivers modern tech like an 8.4-inch touchscreen, heated and cooled seats, and fun features like a panoramic sunroof. Think of the Grand Cherokee as the option for Jeep lovers who have graduated and need the upgraded room and more luxury-laden interior, perhaps for family road trips and daily grind tasks, like carpooling. A 2014 4WD Grand Cherokee is equipped with a 3.6-liter V6 Flex Fuel 24V VVT, paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission, with fuel figures resting at 24 highway, 17 city mpg.

Jeep introduced its version of the compact crossover in 2007 and the Compass continues to be a popular used Jeep option. Specs from a 4WD 2012 model include a 2.4-liter I4 DOHC 16 V Dual VVT engine, matched to a CVT transmission and fuel numbers of 26 highway, 21 city mpg. Representative of the versatility expected from the competitive compact crossover segment, the Compass offers enhancements like a tow package alongside convenience features, including keyless entry and remote start, in addition to comfort details like heated seats.

Sharing the same release date, MK platform, and powertrain as the Compass, the Jeep Patriot is another compact crossover SUV, which remains one of the most affordable options in the Jeep family. Consumers should know that rumor has it both the Compass and Patriot will be phased out of the lineup and off the market by 2018, with plans to be replaced by a single SUV blend of the two. So, now is the time to test drive and consider either of these used options, which might soon have collector status.


Make Tracks to The Faricy Boys


2014 Jeep Cherokee


Jeep is an innovative automaker, consistently offering plenty of capable and compelling options for those in the market for used Jeep models. The Faricy Boys make every effort to keep their used inventory well-stocked with a diverse selection of the best that Jeep has to offer. Call or visit the lot today and take a test drive. Although experience is everything when it comes to learning about Jeeps, we’re confident you’ll have a hard time narrowing your choice to just one. But, the expert sales staff at The Faricy Boys are there to assist you and make sure that you drive off happy. Start practicing that Jeep wave…