Preparing Your Jeep For Winter Season

September 3rd, 2015 by

Preparing Your Jeep For Winter SeasonSure the sun is shining, the weather is perfect and you’re still wearing shorts and sandals, but its never too early to start preparing for the inevitable change of the seasons.  We’ve all been warned, winter is coming.

No, I’m not wishing for the freezing weather any more than you are, although if you happen love winter sports as much as we do in Colorado, it’s just a couple more layers to throw on before heading outside for the 310th day in a row.

As you start to notice the leaves changing and autumn’s chilly mornings accompanied by the crisp air it is important to remember that now is the time to start preparing for winterizing your Jeep.

You won’t want to be caught in the winter months without having properly prepared your Jeep for such extreme conditions.  Starting to save now is the best way to remember to do it before its too late

Winter Gear

Much like we have to don extra clothes for protection against the elements, so must we do the same to protect our Jeeps.  Winterizing isn’t the same for used cars Jeep drivers know.

Say Goodbye to Your Top

Switch out your bikini top for your hard top. Buy new windshield wipers and ALWAYS keep a couple extra pairs in your Jeep with you at all times.

Extra Wipers 

You will absolutely regret not doing this should you happen to get stuck in a sudden rain or snow storm.  An extra pair of windshield wipers can make the difference of moving forward with visibility or none at all.

Protect Against Salt and Mud

Mud guards and floor protectors are a good purchase as even though during the rest of the year we don’t care so much about mud.  However, consider that it’s not just snow on our boots and tires.  It’s often dirty, muddy compact snow and a lot of salt.  This salt can especially be damaging to your car’s exterior and interior.

Bring Your Car Into Get A Maintenance Check

Once the winter months are upon you, your local Jeep mechanic is going to be busy with all the rest of the Jeeps whose owners forgot to get them checked earlier in the season which will cause a wait for you.  Avoid this by making your appointment earlier.

Check Brakes & Coolant System 

While there, have your brakes check.  Winter driving is hazardous enough to not have to worry about your brakes failing, as well.  You should also have your coolant system flushed.  Your coolant system is what helps prevent your engine from freezing during extreme temperature drops.

As Jeep drivers, we know it takes extreme weather to keep us from going outdoors and tackling those impossible roads which is why the appropriate accessories and proper preventative maintenance will aid in making those outdoor excursions all the more worth it.

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