Need a Heavy Duty Hauler? Ditch the Pickup and Pick Up a Jeep

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In the automotive world, there are two types of drivers – those who need a reliable vehicle capable of taking them from Point A to Point B without complications, and those who need a capable vehicle that is reliable when hauling their most prized possessions from one destination to the next. The latter category of drivers tends to need a bit more power when it comes to vehicle performance, and Jeep dealers in Colorado Springs have exactly what they need.


Pickups are Great, Until…

The pickup truck segment is historically the go-to vehicle when it comes to needing power for hauling and towing heavy duty items, but why should a single vehicle category get to have all the fun? There are plenty of vehicles in the Jeep brand lineup that are not only capable of hauling whatever you require them to, but they do it with a level of style and prestige that pickups simply can’t match.

The pickup truck segment can be helpful to some, but the vast majority of individuals who need a vehicle capable of strong towing power aren’t attracted to its limiting design. Pickups were created to haul, tow, and tackle any job site they encountered, but all of that extra space in the back of the open bed left very little room for anything else – like passengers.

Pickups are incredible assets at places like building sites and within construction zones, but the style does not translate well into everyday living. It is great to be able to help your neighbor transport their new sofa across town, or move your kid sister into her new college dorm – but these once-in-a-while activities leave out the everyday reality of life. Pickup truck owners can find themselves in the same situation as the kid down the street who got a pool one summer – typically left alone by their neighborhood friends, they were suddenly the most popular kid on the block, simply because they had something everyone else needed.


Don’t Be Like the Kid with the New Pool


2016 Jeep Wrangler Performance



All of the attention you get when you first buy a shiny new pickup, or when your parents finally install the pool you have literally been sweating over all summer, can be awesome – at first. Once you realize that your pickup truck is more beneficial to your friends and family then yourself, that initial excitement wears off. Just as that kid inevitably traded in his swimming trunks for the tranquility of his one-player Xbox game, so does the pickup truck driver realize he has been taken advantage of.

Be the cool kid on the block, and buy yourself a fully capable, fully powerful Jeep.


Ditch the Pickup and Pick Up a Jeep




Whether you have been driving a pickup for years, or are just beginning to contemplate (or possibly at this point, hesitate) buying a truck, you would do yourself a great disservice if you didn’t at least consider a Jeep brand vehicle.

Jeep brand vehicles may be best known for hitting the rugged mountain trails, or tackling the snow-filled roads here in Colorado, but these powerhouse SUVs are more capable than many give them credit for. So, ditch that pickup truck and the countless favors and obligations that are inherently tied to it, and check out the lineup of fully capable Jeep vehicles for the latest model year.

  • 2016 Grand Cherokee SRT: This mac-daddy of power isn’t first on our list by mistake. Fully prepared to take on whatever challenge you threaten it with, the Grand Cherokee SRT is one of the most powerful vehicles ever created by the iconic Jeep brand. The Grand Cherokee SRT doesn’t just embody power, it leads its entire class in horsepower. A whopping 6.7-liter HEMI V8 engine manages to provide a heart-pounding 475 horsepower through the 8-speed automatic transmission. Steering wheel paddle controls, a fully electronic shift mode, Fuel Saver Technology, and Eco Mode all work together to make this powerhouse performer the best in its class. For adrenaline junkies, the Grand Cherokee SRT also manages to grab the title of fastest SUV in its class with a Launch Control Button designed to accelerate the SRT with the maximum amount of available torque. When all is said and done, the Grand Cherokee SRT can tow 7,200 pounds standard.
  • 2016 Grand Cherokee: The standard model to the Grand Cherokee family, this capable wheelhouse can tow a maximum of 7,200 pounds, and offers a standard towing capability of 3,500 pounds. Equipped with a standard 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine, the Grand Cherokee offers standard Stop/Start technology, a best in class V6 highway driving range, and provides up to 295 horsepower. Upgraded models with the 5.7-liter HEMI V8 manage up to 360 horsepower, and 390 lb.-ft. of torque, for the best in class maximum towing capacity of 7,400 pounds. While it may not be quite as powerful as the SRT, the Grand Cherokee stands on its own as a fully capable, and fully family-friendly SUV.
  • 2016 Wrangler: The smaller of the three models we are highlighting, the Wrangler is still very capable of hauling, towing, and transporting whatever you need on your next adventure. Whether it’s a snowmobile, a small watercraft, or a trailer full of your most trusted camping gear, the Wrangler can help you bring it along for the ride. The maximum towing capacity on the 2016 Jeep Wrangler lags behind the larger Grand Cherokee at 2,000 pounds, but the rugged off-road machine still performs in the most important areas. The Wrangler truly embodies the Jeep life, and is a great option for drivers who don’t need the extra 5,000 pounds of towing capability.


Change the Way You Think, Change the Way You Drive



Here at The Faricy Boys, the connection between exceptional towing capability and Jeep vehicles is an easy one to make. Whether you have a pickup truck that you are frustrated with due to its inability to adapt well to your everyday life, or are tired of being on the speed dial of people you barely know for favors you don’t have time for, you should come down to The Faricy Boys. See for yourself what a powerful and stylish vehicle looks like, and take a capable Jeep for a test drive. Transform your everyday from uninspiring to awe-filled with a new Jeep vehicle.

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