Mod Your Used Jeep Wrangler Into An Off-Road Beast

May 17th, 2016 by


Jeep Off-Road Beast


When it comes to turning your used Jeep Wrangler into a personalized off-road monster, nothing does the job quite like some truly capable modifications. With a wide array of upgrades and additions available to turn your Jeep into a force to be reckoned with out on the trail, there is perhaps no vehicle more well-suited for modification than the Wrangler – and given the thousands of custom-upgraded Wranglers on the road today, we’re pretty sure your perfect 4×4 will be in good company no matter where you find yourself.

Not sure where to start on your journey toward a custom, modified Wrangler? Here’s a look at some of the best mods to make your Wrangler the best it can possibly be for whatever journey you plan to take it on.


Although many new Jeep models come with factory lockers, those who prefer the feel and capabilities of an older or used Wrangler might want to consider some aftermarket lockers. A locking differential can equalize the rotation speed of your back or front wheels to make the axis spin evenly, improving traction and climbing ability over rocky terrain. For those looking to take on serious climbs in their Jeeps, no mod is more helpful at boosting your capabilities than a locker.

Mudder Tires

No matter how powerful your Jeep may be, taking the wrong turn into some muddy or slick terrain can seriously affect your off-roading trip. That’s why many dedicated Jeepers opt for off-road or mudder tires to improve traction on those wet and slick spots on the trail. With deep, heavy treads that are perfect for powering through mud and the perfect construction for otherwise tire-shredding terrain, mudder tires can step up your Jeep and turn that patch of sticky mud into a fun ride anytime.


Of course, there are simply always going to be some situations that your Jeep can get into, but not out of – and in times like these, you’ll be happy to have a powerful winch at your disposal. These front-mounted systems can provide thousands of pounds of pulling power to lift your Wrangler out of the mud and back on the trail where it belongs, meaning less time waiting for the tow truck to pull you out and more time fearlessly taking on the elements in your beloved Jeep.


Since your Jeep likely has miles of rough riding ahead of it, it’s probably best to give it a little cushioning to stay in top condition. For many Jeepers, this comes in the form of suspension or body frame lifts, which can drastically increase your approach angle to make those ascents even easier while also making those uneven and rocky climbs that much more accessible.

Rock Rails

If you plan on challenging the toughest trails out there, then your Jeep will undoubtedly need some protection from everything nature can throw at it. That’s where rock rails come in, offering high-strength armor for your Jeep’s most vital working parts under the chassis. These stylish additions come in a variety of styles and colors for your distinct look, all the while keeping everything in proper working order for those intense weekends roughing the off-road life.

So whether you’re a long-time off-roader looking to bump up your capabilities or simply can’t wait to hit the trails for your first overland adventure, consider upgrading and updating your used Jeep Wrangler with some professional-quality off-road mods and you might just become the king of the road – well, off-road, that is.

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