How to Estimate and Increase the Life Expectancy of Your Used Car

June 29th, 2018 by

Used Cars Colorado Springs

You will find a vast selection of used cars in Colorado Springs, especially at Faricy located directly in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is known for its breathtaking mountains which can enrich the mind and body, but be brutal on your precious automotive. In that case, when it comes to Colorado Springs, a used car may just be your best investment option.

As many are already aware, there are countless advantages to investing in a used car, but it is also important to be sure you are getting the most out of that used car. This is where learning about automotive life expectancy can save you money, time, and undue stress.


Advantages of Buying Used Cars in Colorado Springs



Clearly, the number one reason to buy used will always be that a used car will with no doubt be cheaper than a new car. Not only will you save a lot, but you can also get a lot more for that set budget, which a new car would have eaten and spit out. So, features that may have been impossible to get new will finally be within reach just because another person decided to drive it first.



The second biggest advantage is depreciation or the lack thereof. Basically, a new car will automatically lose a lot of value as an asset from the moment you drive it for the first time. Most cars lose most of their value early in life, so when you get a used car the person before you generously ate the biggest chunk of a car’s depreciation. New may be shiny, but that shine does not last long. As for used cars, they allow you to know exactly what you are getting for the long haul.



New cars are being made every year, and just as many are being returned simply because someone got bored or wanted what he or she believed to be the newest and best. It is a common misconception that buying a used car limits your options to only what has been pushed aside when it actually increases your options. The used car market is never limited to what is currently being made, and as such is like a treasure hunt that can lead to some truly amazing finds. There is also the fact that many people may prefer a model that is no longer being manufactured new. New can’t always give you that retro feel you love or the dependability of some off-the-line vehicles, but a used lot like Faricy can and will.



Resources on used cars are required to be much more extensive than that of new models. Sometimes a new model will barely even have reviews yet, but a used car will grant you the entire history of the vehicle as well as every little quirk it may have.



Each and every advantage above is saying the same thing; when you invest in a used car, you will always know what you are getting for the long haul. You will never have to worry about depreciation, and the information will always be forthcoming. On top of that, the price is manageable, and the variety is vast. Buying used is the clear option for anyone who wants to know exactly what they are getting, at exactly the right value.


Automotive Life Expectancy Facts


  • The average life expectancy has increased from 8 years to 11 years from 2000 to 2014.
  • SUVs and pickup trucks have the longest life expectancy with an average of 90k miles of longevity.
  • The Guinness World Record for the longest lasting car is Irv Gordon’s 1966 Volvo that lasted an astounding 48 years and 3 million miles, which equals 116 trips around the world.
  • The Ford F-250 Super Duty contains the most longevity of any vehicle on the current market, lasting more than 200,000 miles.


Factors of Automotive Life Expectancy



It only makes sense that who makes your car will undoubtedly have an impact on how long it will last. Some manufacturers care more about keeping their vehicles refined than keeping them on the road longer. Quality of the vehicle should never impact the quantity of how long it can last. So, always be sure to take a look at which company is and has been taking longevity seriously.


Class Size

SUVs and trucks often have longer to live than smaller vehicles. This makes sense since they can hold less power and are made to be less durable in tough conditions; not to mention they are less expensive.



Checking mileage is a great way to stay away from how much longer your car will last you. If it is getting up in the 90k range, you may need to start considering a new, or used, mode of transportation.



Keeping up with your seasonal maintenance will be a large factor in how long you can stay on the road. This also depends on the condition you live in. Clearly, somewhere with lots of mountains such as Colorado Springs will require a used car with a little more power and mobility.


Ways to Increase Automotive Life Expectancy

  • Limit your driving by occasional walking or combining duties into a single trip
  • Stay up-to-date on your seasonal maintenance schedule
  • Remember to clean the inside and outside of your vehicle on a regular basis
  • Try using synthetic oil


Ways to Judge If It is Time for Another Used Car

Other than checking the mileage, your automotive has many calling cards to say that it is ready to leave the road, or at least your driveway for good. Most of these come in the form of hefty repairs that will end up costing more than the value of the vehicle. Here are the top three repairs that you should look out for:

  • Blown motor
  • Failing transmission
  • Broken head gasket


Final Thoughts

At Faricy, you can find a used car in Colorado Springs that will never fail to impress for the long road ahead. Dependability in a used car is important, but dependability in your used car dealer is essential.