Awesome Custom Jeeps

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Awesome Custom JeepsAwesome Custom Jeeps

When you buy a Jeep, you aren’t just buying any old vehicle. The Jeep is unique in that it isn’t quite like either a truck or an SUV. This off-roader is in a class of its own, both for its distinctive style and its ability to tear through just about any type of terrain. When you want to crawl over boulders or cut through streams that run through off-road trails, Jeep does the job like no other.

When you buy a Jeep, you are also joining a unique family. Other Jeep owners will honk at you just to wave in solidarity as they pass. Jeep owners love their Jeeps so much that they get together at events scheduled throughout the country all year long to show off their unique models and to put them through their paces on some of the toughest off-road trails. You can see some amazing custom Jeeps at these gatherings.

Shopping for used Jeeps in Colorado Springs is a great way to get started with your own custom Jeep. You can either try your luck at finding a Jeep someone else had customized, or you can buy a previously owned Jeep for a lower price that you can then customize to your own specifications.

Here are a few amazing custom Jeeps to get you inspired:

Tank Jeep

Awesome Custom JeepsJeeps are already rugged and powerful, but this custom Jeep takes those powers to a whole new level. Part Jeep and part tank, this custom creation rolls through snow like it’s a bit of sand scattered across the pavement, and it crushes rocks like they’re gravel.

You may not be able to go into battle with this custom Jeep, but you will be the undisputed warrior chief on any road or trail.

Hafner Rotabuggy

Some Jeeps really are ready to go into battle. The original Jeeps were actually created as reconnaisance vehicles during World War II, and their power and durability made them popular as passenger vehicles after the war.
The Hafner Rotabuggy was designed for use in war time, but we’re sad to say that it never became available for civilian drivers.

Awesome Custom JeepsThis custom Jeep featured a massive helicopter rotor on the roof, and when it was dropped out of a bomber plane, it was able to fly at 70 miles per hour for 10 minutes. No one was going to be flying around the world in these Jeeps, but soldiers could be dropped right into the action where needed.

We wouldn’t recommend attempting this custom job yourself, but the idea is still pretty cool. Maybe just slap a propeller on your Jeep for the look of it.

Lime Rod

Awesome Custom JeepsYou don’t have to completely change the functionality of a Jeep to get a custom design. This custom Rockster Jeep, which was shown off at SEMA (the Specialty Equipment Market Association show), features a standout lime green paint job, a laid-back wind shield, and a custom-fitted soft top.

A lot of customizations on this Jeep are things that you won’t see. Under the hood are an all-aluminum 6.2-liter V8 engine, a 6L80E automatic transmission, and Nitto Mud Grapplers.
This is definitely the type of custom job you could emulate on your own Jeep.


Camo Jeep

Awesome Custom JeepsCamouflage is the perfect paint job for a Jeep, considering it is most at home where there are no roads. This custom Jeep was designed with the hunter in mind. It has a camouflage design both inside and out, and it includes hunting platforms at the back and front.

The large, raised seats give hunters a place to sit comfortably while they stake out their prey, even if it’s for hours at a time. Gun racks and cases mounted to the vehicle give hunters a place to store essential gear.

This custom Jeep has received new axles, tires, and rims to improve the ride, and it has a dual-battery system to ensure that it always has a charge. Extra tough floor mats are installed to protect the floors from mud and other forest litter.

Jurassic Park Jeep

Awesome Custom JeepsIf you owned this Jeep, you’d be hearing “Welcome… to Jurassic Park!” every time you stepped inside — cuing the theme music, of course.

This Jeep is a replica of the Wranglers used in the original Jurassic Park movie, which also make an appearance in the new Jurassic World.

The customizations on this Jeep are primarily cosmetic. The Wrangler has received a complete repaint and custom decals with the famous Jurassic Park logo.

A first aid and emergency kit are both tucked away in the back, just in case any dinosaurs cross the path.

In a custom Jeep like this one, you can turn any off-roading ride into an imaginary adventure. Or you could just get a ton of compliments at your next Jeep meetup.


Awesome Custom JeepsThis is a custom Jeep that you can actually ride yourself if you visit the Philippines. After World War II, a surplus of Jeeps were customized for public transportation, and over the years, these unique vehicles have become notorious for their distinctive style.

The Jeepney is not quite as big as a bus, but it is much bigger than a van. It looks like a smaller version of a school bus, except it’s made with the front end of a Jeep, and all the windows and the back end are left open.

Often, passengers run and jump on the Jeepney to catch a ride.

Another special element of jeepneys is that they are all painted in bright colors with bold and quirky patterns. Think about the VW bus that your aging neighbor took to Woodstock, and you’ll have an idea of what a Jeepney looks like.

Jeep Lower 40

Awesome Custom JeepsCombine a low rider with a Jeep and a classic car and you’ll get an idea of what this custom Jeep looks like. The low-lying Jeep Wrangler body has been paired with a truck bed and oversized wheel flares. Oversized 40-inch tires are mounted on 20-inch wheels.

Though this Jeep doesn’t appear to be built for performance — it doesn’t have the clearance to deal with bumps in the road — it has a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 under the hood. It could perform well in a street race, so long as the “track” was nice and smooth.

Any variation in the pavement could take something right off the bottom.

But this Jeep definitely looks cool, and it would be great for cruising!

You don’t have to change the whole body of your Jeep to create a custom look. A simple paint job or some engine upgrades to improve performance may be all that you need to create the Jeep of your dreams that will be yours and only yours.

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