5 Reasons to Buy a New 2016 Jeep Before 2017

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There is a certain level of pride that comes along with car ownership, and that level only increases when you sign your name on the title of a Jeep brand vehicle. A common misconception regarding car ownership however, can end up costing you thousands of dollars and leave you with a vehicle you didn’t actually want, and don’t particularly need. This deception runs rampant throughout our culture, and is responsible for most of the frivolous purchases we make, but never end up using – i.e. the $600 blender you crafted a few well-meaning smoothies with last year. So, what exactly is this tendency we speak of? The idea that we need the latest, greatest, and most expensive…everything. From blenders we don’t use, to the cars we need just to get us to and from work. Owning the latest technology and newest vehicle can be exciting, but there are great ways to save money and still have a piece of the pie.

As a Jeep dealer in Colorado Springs, we want to be the first to tell you that while we love all of the hype surrounding the new 2017 models in the Jeep lineup, you can still have it all with a brand new 2016 Jeep vehicle – and you don’t even have to wait for it to arrive.


Get In! The Getting is Good


2016 Jeep Renegade Exterior


The 2016 Jeep lineup was one of the most exciting years we have seen from the iconic American-made brand in a long time. Celebrating its 75th anniversary, Jeep specially designed the 2016 lineup in order to deliver quality vehicles that paid tribute to seven and a half decades of quality craftsmanship, engineering, and style.

One of the best times to purchase a 2016 Jeep vehicle is now. Just ahead of the arrival of 2017 models, drivers are able to get behind the wheel and save some substantial money on a brand new, fully capable, fun-to-drive Jeep.


Why Buying a 2016 Jeep Makes Sense Now


2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Performance


Rather than look at specific models and what makes them so formidable (let’s face it, all Jeep models fall into this category), let’s check out the reasons why buying a new 2016 Jeep ahead of the new model arrivals is a smart idea.

  1. Save Money: This particular reason is number one on our list, because, well – in our opinion, financial savings belong at the top of every list. Buying a 2016 Jeep vehicle prior to the newest 2017 models arriving at dealerships, can save you upwards of thousands of dollars. Dealerships are looking to make room for the newest models, so the closer the release of those models creeps up, the more money you are likely to save on the outgoing version of the same vehicle.
  2. Get More for Less: The budget you have for yourself will not change based on what year the vehicle is, but what will change is the amount of included amenities you will get on your new Jeep. More often than not, buying a new outgoing model that is better equipped can be done for the same amount of money you would spend on a basic 2017 model. This point speaks volumes to drivers who want to pamper themselves, but want to be responsible and stick to their budget. Buying an outgoing model allows them to experience the best of both worlds.
  3. Celebrate History: One of the most striking aspects of the 2016 Jeep lineup is the 75th anniversary special editions that were released. These vehicles celebrate the rich history that the Jeep brand was built on, and allows for drivers to own a piece of that iconic past. Specially designed to celebrate the anniversary milestone, the 2016 special edition Jeeps were created to stand apart from all other Jeep vehicles on the road – ever. And while these versions were typically more expensive, buying an outgoing 2016 special edition can save you some serious dough, while still delivering all the perks of the 75th Anniversary Jeep.
  4. More Options: At the end of a model year, there are likely more options to choose from than if you were to wait for the 2017 Jeep models to arrive. The newer models will have an increased demand as soon as they are released for purchase, which means buyers will have to wait longer to buy a vehicle that will end up costing them thousands of dollars more. Rather than wait for the new Jeeps to arrive, consider purchasing a brand new 2016 version of the same model. You won’t be waiting around for the perfect vehicle to roll off the assembly line because it is already sitting at The Faricy Boys dealership, waiting for you to take it home.
  5. Pay it Off Sooner: This point can be directed to the first, which is saving money, but we feel it deserves its own recognition. Buying an outgoing model prior to the arrival of new ones will certainly save you money, which means you will also have your new car paid off sooner than later. This point may seem obvious or even redundant, but oftentimes buyers get so excited when buying a new car, that they forget to think ahead. The sooner you are able to pay off your vehicle, the better off you are in the long run. By saving money with an outgoing model, drivers are able to pay off their new vehicle sooner than they would otherwise.


Check Out 2016 Models with The Faricy Boys


2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit


Here at The Faricy Boys, we have a huge selection of new 2016 Jeep models that are waiting for a home. Our Jeep dealership is the best Colorado Springs has to offer, and we hope you give us the chance to show you why we feel so confident saying that.

If the five points we outlined above resonate with you, we invite you to come and take your favorite 2016 Jeep model for a test drive. From the luxury full-size Grand Cherokee, to the compact family-friendly Renegade, to the rugged off-road ready Wrangler, we have it all at The Faricy Boys. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a brand new Jeep vehicle from their 75th year in business.