5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying Used Cars in Colorado

October 12th, 2018 by

White 2010 Jeep Wrangler Islander in snowy fieldThere are a lot of things to keep track of during the winter. When snow starts to pile up, our daily routines can be heavily impeded if we aren’t prepared. These disruptions can be easily managed, though, with the right attitude and the right car. If you’re looking for used cars around Colorado Springs, or just new to maintaining a car in a colder climate, there are a few things you should probably know that will help you make the most of your winter drives.


Salt & Rust

First and foremost when you’re looking into a car from a colder area is checking for rust. It’s incredibly common to find the entire undercarriage of a vehicle entirely coated in rust, thanks to a combination of salty slush and a lack of proper maintenance. This can impact the longevity of the car by a considerable amount, so if you’re looking for a long-term vehicle then it’s imperative to check for this kind of damage. It may seem inconvenient, but getting on your back and checking the underside of the vehicle you’re considering could save you a mountain of trouble later on.

Despite what some people might say, preventing rust damage from salt isn’t impossible by any means, it just requires consistent care and attention to detail. After driving on salted roads it’s hugely beneficial to rinse the underside of your vehicle with fresh water. If you don’t, the build-up of salt over time causes corrosion that will dramatically decrease the integrity of your car. While some people might find that level of care to be more effort than they’re willing to put in, the results speak for themselves. Whether you’re looking to maintain a new car or purchase an old one, when you live somewhere snowy like Colorado, keeping an eye out for rust is essential.


Engine Block Heater

During colder months, utilizing an engine block heater can be crucial to keeping your car in its best condition. While the main function of a block heater is to help improve the amount of time it takes to start your engine, they can also reduce the gradual damage that a car endures from repeated cold starts. There are a number of different ways that preheating your engine helps to diminish wear and tear, so if you’re confident that the seller you’re negotiating with used a block heater consistently then that’s a major point in their favor.

Heat causes expansion, and engines are built with that in mind. Since engines are supposed to expand when they’re turned on, frigid temperatures prevent the expansion until the engine is heated and could possibly damage the engine. If the engine has been preheated, however, its parts are uninhibited by the cold, and able to expand as they should be. At lower temperatures, engine oil sometimes turns to sludge and can take a few minutes for it to get where it needs to be. This, of course causes, issues over time, and so heating that oil back to its intended state before starting the engine is important during bouts of freezing weather. Block heaters improve comfort as well, allowing your car’s heater to start blowing warm air almost immediately (which might be what sells most people on their use).



These days there are all sorts of traction control and stability systems being implemented into vehicles, and when you live somewhere with the annual threat of icy roads then it’s worth considering every single one. Of course, all-wheel and 4-wheel drive are both especially helpful, so they should probably be the first things you consider when it comes to maintaining control during winter driving. Some people are perfectly confident driving in hazardous conditions, but when you’re facing those kinds of risks on a regular basis, it can never hurt to have a little added security. Finding used cars in Colorado Springs you’re certain to find at least some types of cars that are used to the climate and will handle accordingly. Granted, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control have been standard in all passenger vehicles since 2012 (as required by the government), but there are still plenty of models on the road today from before then so it’s worth keeping in mind.

You might not use winter tires year-round, but they’re well worth the consideration if you expect to be driving through snow. Braking, accelerating, and overall handling in winter conditions are all improved when utilizing winter tires, so if you’re concerned about managing icy or snowy conditions then you’ll be happy to at least have the option. For people who don’t want to bother swapping out tires twice a year, all-weather tires are also a viable option, though a bit less effective.


Heated Seats & Steering Wheel

It can take a while for a vehicle to warm up, and sometimes it gets so cold that you can’t even maintain a grip on the steering wheel. Not only is it dangerous to drive like this, but it’s also extremely unpleasant. Luckily it’s also completely avoidable, through the use of options like heated seats and steering wheels. Some people may feel options like these are a luxury, but when you live in a place where the air gets so cold that it hurts you realize just how essential these kinds of features really are.

Eventually your car will start to warm up, so if you can stand a bit of driving while cold then heated seats and steering wheels might not be as necessary, but that’s entirely up to you. As far as matters of comfort go, there isn’t any vital importance beyond the way you feel, and if you feel like you don’t need toasty-warm hands then more power to you. Either way, it’s definitely something to consider.



No matter where you are in the world, when you’re looking for a used car it’s important to remember the many options that you have at your disposal. Of course, you could always go the route of buying from private sellers, but then you’re likely to run into more engine or rust issues than you might find through other means. There’s also the option to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from a local dealership, but negotiating can be a hassle, and sometimes even takes days to reach a conclusion. Thankfully there are dealerships out there willing to cut out this part of the process, creating a much more relaxed and streamlined process for their prospective buyers.

With the One Price Plus program that we provide here at The Faricy Boys, we’re able to give our customers the best market value available on a used car that works for them, with absolutely no hassle. Extensive research is done on every pre-owned vehicle that we receive so we can be certain you’re getting not just a fair price, but a great one. When someone comes in looking for a used vehicle, we’re completely open about what issues the car had before repairs, what repairs were done, and even what was left unfixed in order to prevent unnecessary increases in cost. This level of transparency gives us the confidence to offer a refund within 3 days & 300 miles of travel, as well as help to ensure that you know everything you need to about the car you’re considering. No matter what used model you’re looking at, one thing is certain: when you shop with us at The Faricy Boys, you’re guaranteed a better way to buy pre-owned vehicles.