4 Lessons in Automotive Care to Make you Feel Empowered by Maintaining a Used Car

August 24th, 2018 by

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Sick of all those maintenance and repair bills piling up like raked leaves in the fall? Or maybe you just are just tired of always depending on others. Well, it’s time to show your independence and save a few dollars in the process by doing your own automotive repairs and maintenance, at least the little ones. Remember to leave those big repairs to the automotive specialists at Faricy! Used cars or new cars require some necessary maintenance and service.  No matter how many miles your car has, there is never a wrong time to be proactive with your vehicles health. So, it is always helpful to learn a few lessons on how to manage them properly.

There are many things that should be left to the professionals of course, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things you can do with your own two hands to make a used car last longer. Plenty of automotive jobs can be done by just about anyone and will save you some money in a pinch.

Yes, it is perfectly understandable that at first, this may seem like an intimidating venture. Cars are highly advanced pieces of machinery that cost a lot of cash and can have well over a thousand unique parts, but no worries because we are here to start you off with some of the more simple and easy lessons.


Lesson One: Changing Tires

This is honestly one lesson that every driver in the world should learn how to do on their own. Getting a flat in the middle of nowhere can be the most heart-pounding experience of your life if you have never learned how to throw that spare on. Luckily, most cars come with a spare tire and a jack to put in on just in your trunk. So here is a quick guide on how to use these items to change a tire and save you a whole lot of panic:

  • Take a quick look at the owner’s manual before doing anything
  • Mount the jack usually in the space between the tire and your door
  • Crank the jack until it is gently touching the car (do not start pushing up the
  • car yet)
  • Move over to the lug nuts that are on the actual tire and remove their caps
  • Slightly loosen the lug nuts with a socket wrench (do not take them off completely)
  • Crank the jack to make the car rise
  • Remove lug nuts
  • Remove tire
  • Align and place the spare tire on the car (screw one lug nut in to hold the spare in place)
  • Screw in lug nuts completely
  • Lower car and drive off to get your brand new tire


Lesson Two: Jumping the Battery

Waking up on a busy day just to find out that your used car won’t even turn on is one of the worst feelings. But, no need to stress because chances are the issue is the battery and the day can still be salvaged with a simple jump. No stop jumping up and down, the kind of jump we are talking about a battery jump. The process is fairly simple, and chances are you know someone who is willing to give you one, the only thing you need is jumper cables and another car with a working. So here is the very simple process:

  • Put both cars in park or neutral and shut off the ignition
  • Attach the RED clamp to the POSITIVE (+) terminal of YOUR battery
  • Attach the RED clamp to the POSITIVE (+) terminal of the OTHER battery
  • Attach the BLACK clamp to the NEGATIVE (-) terminal of the OTHER battery
  • Attach the BLACK clamp to the metal surface of YOUR car that isn’t painted and away from the battery
  • Start the OTHER car and give it a few minutes
  • Go about your day with a satisfied smile


Lesson Three: Replace your Battery

Even when you jump your used car, sometimes it will only last until the next time you shut it off again. This means you need a new battery because yours is as dead as Romeo and Juliet, but lucky for you, you can learn to put it in yourself. So here are the steps to replacing a battery:

  • Use the owner’s manual to locate the battery
  • Unscrew the battery cover and lift the top to reveal the battery
  • Get a multi-wrench and loosen the battery terminals
  • Remove the battery (warning its heavy)
  • Get new battery
  • Put it in with the positive and negative parts of the battery is facing the same way as the  old battery
  • Connect the positive and negative terminals again and tightly screw them in
  • Enjoy a few years of never having to think about it again


Lesson Four: Fluids

It only sounds gross we promise. Fluids are an essential part of the maintenance of your used car, and the better control you have over these fluids, the longer your car should run. There are three fluids you should be aware of, including washer fluid, coolant, and motor oil. It is important to learn the proper way to find and refill each of these fluids on at regularly scheduled times as stated by your owner’s manual.

  • Washer fluid is what sprays to keep your windshield clear
  • Motor oil is what loosens the engine and keeps the engine running
  • Coolant or AntiFreeze keeps your engine from overheating

At the Faricy Boys dealership, we want you to get the most out of your used car and hope to do everything we can to keep it running for many years to come. Satisfaction is always our number one concern, and we think the best way to provide that is to not only sell used cars but to sell everything we know about used cars. Used car dealerships are like and community, and together we can all learn the right way to respect, treasure, and maintain our cars for many years to come.

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