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Used Ford Trucks Near Me

Finding the right truck can sometimes seem like a challenge for many shoppers. Not that there's a lack of options in the marketplace––in fact, there can be an overwhelming number of choices––but many people live within the confines of a strict budget. As a result, drivers often believe owning a vehicle, particularly a pickup truck of the highest quality, is outside the realm of possibilities. Here at The Faricy Boys, we believe in completely eradicating these assumptions from the equation.

For those of us who call Colorado home, it is necessary to own a vehicle that can deal with the sudden drops in temperature, go the extra mile when the situation warrants it, and deliver reliable performance for a low cost. Luckily, all of these attributes and many more can be found at our dealership in one of the many used Ford pickups we sell. After just one visit with us, you'll no longer ask, "are there any used Ford trucks near me?" You'll know that The Faricy Boys not only has an amazing selection of Ford trucks but also has your best interests in mind.

A grey 2022 Ford Ranger Lariat is shown next to a small boat near a river.

Why We Love Ford

At The Faricy Boys, we love Ford. Because, after all, what's not to love? If you want the best in any field, you take a moment and listen to the voice of reason and experience. For well over a century, Ford has been the brand that has shifted the paradigm of the automotive industry more than any other manufacturer. Whether it was introducing the concept of mass-produced automobiles with the Model T, ushering in the age of the muscle car with the Mustang, or planting the seeds of what would become the modern SUV with the Bronco, we can all thank Ford for being there to challenge the status quo and change the popular conception of what an automobile can accomplish.

This dedication to quality and performance has continued from the earliest days of the brand's existence to Ford's current lineup of pickup trucks. Whether it's the F-150 or the Ranger, you better believe that we're always impressed at what Ford brings to the table year after year. We can't wait to share this quality with you because you deserve a used truck that works just as hard as you do.

A gold 2022 Ford Maverick is shown parked on the side of a city street.

A Used Fleet Unlike Any Other

One of the many things that have made Ford such a respected brand is that the quality of its vehicles ages like a bottle of vintage wine. Every used vehicle on our lot, regardless of the make and model, is held to the highest standards of quality. This means that when you buy from us, you can rest assured that you've made a choice that will benefit you and elevate your quality of life to the level you've always strived for. However, Ford models are known to be even more reliable than most used vehicles. These trucks are built Ford tough, through and through.

Ford Maverick

Forget about the little engine that could; this is the little truck that can and will. The compact Maverick might be small in stature, but it's a capable workhorse that lacks for nothing. The newest member of the capable Ford crew, the Maverick has already proven to be a formidable partner, earning its stripes as a worthy contemporary of both the F-150 and the Ranger. With remarkable towing prowess and worksite capability, all while running on efficient standard hybrid power, this truck is proof that big things come in small packages.

Ford Ranger

While the Maverick has gained a reputation as the diminutive vehicle with a mighty heart, the Ranger provides the next step up in capability. Combining an agile size with big-boy prowess, the midsize Ranger is the best combination of the attributes of the Maverick and its larger sibling, the F-150. Making excellent use of its turbocharged EcoBoost powertrains, the Ranger is a capable workhorse that's proven its worth year after year. This affordable truck is a great choice for pickup enthusiasts looking to avoid the bulk and expense of a full-size truck, especially when you buy a used model.

Ford F-150

For anyone who's even vaguely familiar with Ford or the pickup truck, the F-150 needs no introduction. The long-time flagship of Ford's truck fleet, the F-150 has been America's favorite and most revered workhorse since it started rolling off assembly lines during the 1970s. Equipped with a wide variety of powertrains and a selection of trims that includes something for any driver and occasion, there's no wonder why the F-150 continues to inspire both awe and respect from critics and consumers alike. From off-roading to towing, workloads to wandering, there's a used F-150 for everyone.

A black 2021 Ford F-150 is shown parked on a grassy area after viewing used Ford trucks near you.

Why Choose The Faricy Boys?

It's easy to notice the many ways Ford has revolutionized the pickup truck and the automotive industry, changing how people see what these vehicles are capable of. The question you might be wondering is, "why do so many people choose to do business at The Faricy Boys?" The answer is simple—people. We're Colorado drivers too, and we understand that anyone who steps on our lot expects the very best. As a representative of Ford, we know that people expect a dealership that sells Ford products to be an ambassador of both quality and capability. This is what you'll experience with us. We put the people who come to do business with us first. To this end, we have our salespeople ask essential questions and walk our customers through every aspect of the car-buying process.

If you think that purchasing a used Ford truck is out of your means, we're here to help. Our financing department will work closely with you to ensure you get the truck you want at a price you can afford. From helping you find the right loan to giving you a fair value for your trade, you can count on us. That's what it means to put people first. We want to be more than just a dealership; we want to be a place that helps others achieve the quality of life they're entitled to. Our commitment to people doesn't end when the paperwork is signed, and a vehicle leaves our lot, nor should it.

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