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Its sharp features and overall brilliant sleekness mesmerize drivers near and far, and if you’re searching for the ultimate in luxury vehicles, the Grand Wagoneer is it. You already know that this is the car for you due to its expansive interior cabin, marked with upscale elegance throughout, and its alluring presence seemingly radiating from every angle. What you may not be too sure of, however, is who to buy it from, and here at The Faricy Boys, we can help with our fine selection of new and used models, as well as our experienced professionals. There’s a reason why we’re the top Colorado Grand Wagoneer dealer, and that’s due to our expert-level knowledge about this prestigious vehicle, as well as our mission to help you find the best model to maximize your journey. When it’s time to travel in lavish luxury, the Grand Wagoneer will deliver that to you, and when it’s time to work with a team that’s as highly regarded as the Grand Wagoneer, you’ll want to partner with us.

A white 2022 Grand Wagoneer and silver Wagoneer are shown facing opposite directions.

Grand Wagoneer History

Look back at Grand Wagoneers of the past, and it’s hard to imagine these models turning into what they are today. The quintessential grocery-getter, Grand Wagoneers of old sported wood-paneled sides, boxy features, and were the true definition of a family station wagon. The first notions of the Wagoneer models came about in the 1960s, showcasing basic features and a more utilitarian build. Later, the Super Wagoneer debuted, offering drivers high-end features, like power steering, power brakes, and more luxuries of the time.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that the Limited trim level, which began rolling onto the scene in the late '70s, made its way into the spotlight. From leather seating to air conditioning, the Limited emanated sophistication and class, further appealing to a multitude of drivers. The Grand Wagoneer emerged just a few years later, in 1984, offering modern style enhancements, like a redesigned grille and updated fenders on the outside, with plush features inside. These included more comfortable seats, headrests, and more.

Although the Grand Wagoneer was seriously appealing to many drivers and sales were solid, this all changed as the model crested into the '90s. Sales began to drop, and it was decided that the model would officially be discontinued in 1991. It just couldn’t compete with more luxurious models from competitors, like Mercedes-Benz and Lincoln, which offered drivers more in terms of comfort and refined elements. Years would go on, and the Grand Wagoneer name became a relic; however, it was quickly apparent that it's time to shine again was drawing nearer. For the 2022 model year, the Grand Wagoneer debuted once more, showcasing features that would solidify its spot among some of the most elegant and impressive vehicles of all time.

A close up shows the 'Wagonner' badging on the hood of a 2022 Wagoneer.

2022 Grand Wagoneer

Offering a smooth, controlled ride, outstandingly lavish features inside and out, as well as tech to wow a crowd, the 2022 Grand Wagoneer is a sight to behold. It’s large, it’s refined, and it’s exactly what drivers are looking for to maximize comfort, practicality, and the overall quality of the ride, no matter where your journey takes you. Three rows of seating to accommodate up to eight, accented by only the best appointments, including American walnut trim, authentic metal surfaces, leather-trimmed seats, and suede-wrapped pillars and headliner, make for a ride that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. With 24-way power-adjustable and massaging front seats, four-zone climate control, and personalized ambient lighting, creating the moment you desire is easy inside the Grand Wagoneer.

In addition to its upscale ambiance, you’ll also enjoy best-in-class second-row and third-row legroom, as well as configurable seating to maximize functionality inside. Speaking of functionality, rest assured that the groundbreaking tech that resides inside the Grand Wagoneer is sure to make any drive effortlessly better. With over 75 inches of display screens available, plus an optional state-of-the-art McIntosh Entertainment System, an industry first, you’ll be able to enjoy a drive like never before. Its Uconnect 5 System, presented through a 12-inch touchscreen, combines a dazzling display with all the connectivity features you’d ever want in a vehicle. Plus, with extras, like an interior rear monitoring camera, keeping an eye on what’s going on during your drive is easy.

If you’re interested in the Grand Wagoneer, you may already know that it delivers a smooth, refined ride, which is made possible through its Quadra-Drive II 4x4 system. This cutting-edge system includes a rear electronic limited slip differential, plus more incredible stability elements to make for the most dialed-in ride possible on any terrain. Plus, with a traction management system and a powerful engine, which showcases best-in-class towing abilities, any task and any journey is infinitely easier and more enjoyable inside the Grand Wagoneer.

A white 2022 Grand Wagoneer is shown from behind towing a trailer after visiting a Colorado Grand Wagoneer dealer.

The Faricy Boys Is the Place to Buy a Grand Wagoneer

If you’re interested in the Grand Wagoneer, why is The Faricy Boys the best place to shop for one? Well, for starters, we have an inventory that will impress you, and whether you’re interested in a brand-new Grand Wagoneer or a used model, we’ll be able to assist you with finding the best Grand Wagoneer for your travels. Our team is also exceptionally well-versed in the brand, having extensive knowledge of past and present Grand Wagoneers so that you know you can trust our professional team of experts. Not only that, our dealership provides more to our Colorado customers to make your decision even easier and your buying experience even more enjoyable.

To harness the power and precision of the Grand Wagoneer, our dealership provides the chance to take it on our rugged test track to really see what it can do in the elements. With over one acre of driving fun, you’re able to harness the capabilities of this celebrated model and get a feel for just how incredible its performance is and more. We’re different from other area dealerships, and it’s not just because of our team and our facility; it’s also because of the benefits you get to enjoy when you work with us. From transparent pricing to our price protection guarantee, you’ll realize that partnering with a family-owned and operated dealership for the past 75 years has its perks.

The Grand Wagoneer is a special vehicle, one that pushes the boundaries of excellence in the industry. This means that you need a team that understands its greatness to help you choose the right model with all the features to meet your driving needs. We know how highly regarded the Grand Wagoneer is and how it raises the bar for luxury vehicles everywhere. This understanding and respect make us the best place to find the Grand Wagoneer that will ultimately take your ride to the level of excellence that you deserve.

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