Certified Pre-Owned Jeep Cherokee

If you’re looking for a reliable and stylish used SUV but want to drive something that feels brand new, then you might be considering a pre-owned Jeep. More specifically, you might be looking at a Certified Pre-Owned Jeep Cherokee for its dependability, affordability, and style. Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Jeeps have to pass a rigorous inspection process, and they come with warranty coverage from the manufacturer, but that CPO distinction isn't necessarily worth the extra cost when it comes to a Jeep. When you buy a Jeep, you become part of a family of owners who love what they drive.

There is nothing like a Trail-Rated Jeep SUV to transform a normal daily commute into a mini-adventure because Jeep vehicles are designed to power through all kinds of weather and road conditions with ease. Your style game is elevated, but so is your peace of mind. Sometimes, buying a used car means compromising, especially if you want a new vehicle, but you cannot stretch your budget into the category you want. CPO vehicles are often an attractive prospect in this situation, but for many people, a late-model used Jeep Cherokee is actually a better choice.

Here at The Faricy Boys, we stock a constantly-changing inventory of high-quality pre-owned Jeep vehicles. Many of these great SUVs are coming off leases, so they have low mileage and are free from cosmetic damage. With a late-model used option, you save the most money while still getting a fantastic vehicle that is in excellent condition. If warranty coverage is what matters most to you, then you might want to consider a new Jeep for the best protection.

A gray 2019 certified pre-owned Jeep Cherokee is parked in front of a large stone cabin.

What Is Certified Pre-Owned?

Jeep’s CPO vehicle program is designed to create an inventory of high-quality used cars for potential buyers. These vehicles are put through an inspection process before they can be sold as CPO, which does take some of the guesswork out of buying used but also results in them costing more than comparable pre-owned Jeep vehicles. Every potential CPO vehicle must have less than 75,000 miles on the odometer, and they have to be within the last five model years. If they pass these qualifications, the vehicle can then qualify to receive warranties like a 7-year/100,000-mile comprehensive powertrain limited warranty.

Between the inspection, a vehicle history report, and the warranty protection, a CPO model certainly sounds fantastic, but they are not necessarily the right choice for everyone. Oftentimes, Jeep models are so dependable that you really won't need to use the extra warranties, so the extra cost simply isn't worth it. Going with a regular used model will still give you a Jeep that is going to last a long time, or you should splurge and pre-order something unique to you that will last even longer with new vehicle warranties.

The black and gray steering wheel and interior of a 2019 Jeep Cherokee are shown.

Choosing the Right Jeep

If warranty coverage is your primary concern, then a brand-new Jeep Cherokee may be a better option for you. While the powertrain warranty on a CPO Jeep looks great on paper, it is important to note that it starts when the vehicle is sold as new. That means you can potentially find CPO models with just 2 years/25,000 miles of powertrain warranty coverage on them. New Jeeps, on the other hand, all come with a 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty and a 3-year/36,000-mile basic warranty for excellent overall protection.

While CPO models are less expensive than new vehicles, they still cost more than comparable used vehicles that have not gone through the certification process. Some dealerships prefer not to have great used models certified so they can be sold for the lowest price possible, getting you an excellent pre-owned Jeep at a price that fits your budget. Here at The Faricy Boys, we have a terrific selection of late-model used vehicles for you to choose from, so you know they are in great shape and at a price that will save you the most money. We even have CARFAX reports on many of our used models to ensure you can drive away with total confidence in your SUV.

Used Jeep Cherokee Inventory

Here at The Faricy Boys, we eat, sleep, and breathe Jeep! That passion extends to our inventory of used Jeeps too, which means we are constantly taking in high-quality pre-owned Cherokees that offer a fantastic driving experience at a lower price than a new or even a CPO model. The extensive Cherokee lineup means there are always plenty of trims to choose from, whether you want a simple commuter or you are looking for all the bells and whistles.

Jeep has been building its wildly popular Cherokee SUV since 1974. Currently in its third generation, the Cherokee is an icon and the most recent collection of third-gen model years offers plenty of variety and price points, along with all the most sought-after features. This means you will find a ton of great options as you look at pre-owned Cherokee models here at The Faricy Boys. Shopping used gives you access to a wide range of model years, generations, and features, making it easy to get the perfect combination of everything you need.

Putting an iconic Jeep in your driveway does not have to mean super-high monthly payments and a hefty amount of money upfront. Looking at used Cherokee models makes it easy to find your way into the Jeep family of owners while on a budget. Since we work so hard to offer only the best used models in excellent condition, you can shop with confidence that you are buying a fantastic pre-owned vehicle that will treat you well for many years to come.

A red 2019 certified pre-owned Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk is shown from the side climbing a rocky hill.

About The Faricy Boys

The Faricy Boys is the most trusted Jeep Cherokee dealer in the Colorado Springs area. We are proud to represent America’s most iconic SUV brand, and we cannot wait to help you find a Jeep that you will love driving, especially when Mother Nature descends in the wintertime. Owning a Jeep means you will always have the capability to handle any on or off-road conditions because Jeep vehicles are designed to power through the roughest winter weather and the most aggressive trails.

We stock a large inventory of new and used models for you to choose from, all waiting for you to test drive. Our extensive inventory gives you a chance to select from the highest quality of Cherokees, Wranglers, and more. We even have an exclusive test track here at our dealership that lets you see how well a specific model can handle a challenging trail. That is just how passionate we are about Jeeps and the off-road lifestyle.

Our track is over an acre of varied terrain designed to show off the capabilities of the Jeep you are considering. You will get to know the Jeep difference in a few short minutes while our sales professional demonstrates all of its features. Whether you are looking at a brand-new or used model, there is nothing quite like seeing for yourself just how well it can handle difficult off-road conditions. This is also a great way to really see the difference between a standard trim and one that Jeep has designed to dominate any trail you throw at it.

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