Let Us Buy Your Used Car

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Step By Step Guide

  1. One of our buyers will request pictures and information about your vehicle, including year, make, model, miles, honest condition, lien status / payoff, etc.
  2. We make you an offer and if you agree we move on to arrange pickup and payment.
  3. We meet you to pick up your vehicle, with a check for your equity after payoff.

Our Buyers

Andrew Montgomery – Purchasing Director

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(719) 867-5662

Adrian Sheriff – Purchasing Agent

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[email protected]
(719) 867-5662

Travis Crawford – Purchasing Agent

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[email protected]
(719) 867-5662

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to come into the dealership?

    • Absolutely NOT! You decide when and where to meet and get paid on the spot!
  • What if my vehicle is leased?

    • We can still purchase your vehicle and will handle the payoff to your lender.
  • What if I owe more than you can offer me?

    • There are several options available to you even if you owe more than we can offer. Our Buyers will help you navigate those options.
  • What if I want to buy a car from The Faricy Boys as well?

    • While our Buyers specialize in purchasing your car, we have a whole team ready to assist you if you choose to purchase another vehicle.
  • Can I get my equity check before my lien holder/bank releases my title to you?

    • Yes! We will get you paid when we purchase your vehicle, even if we have not received your title from the lien holder/bank.



Do you have a used car that you’re looking to unload? A quick visit to The Faricy Boys makes the process of selling your used car simple and stress-free. At our used car buying center, you will find a friendly team of knowledgeable experts who will get you the fair market value of your vehicle. We have been serving the Colorado Springs area for over 80 years and know what it takes to keep our customers satisfied. Whether you are planning on using the money from your old car to buy a new one from us or want to walk away with cash in hand, we are here to help.


We know that selling a car can be a hassle, especially if you decide to sell your car on your own. Private sales may sound promising initially, but visiting our used car buying center can save you a lot of headaches. We do everything possible to simplify selling your car and save you time. Our team of professional car buyers has years of experience and can take care of all the paperwork for you, including handling the payoff if your used car is still financed. Simply give us your lender’s information, and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Even better, we’ll come to you. If you can’t make time in your schedule to visit our dealership, we can pick up your used car wherever it is so you never have to leave your home.

One Stop

When you want to sell your used car, you don’t want to spend hours or even days making it happen. That is why we take care of everything right here in one location. When you bring your car to our used car buying center, our team of buyers can inspect your vehicle, determine your equity, and write you a check, all on the same day. If you decide to sell, we will handle all the paperwork immediately and complete the entire transaction in a matter of minutes. It sure beats putting up a car for sale ad and waiting for someone to contact you. Plus, you can get started online, saving even more time when you reach our dealership.

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With any high-dollar transaction, you want to deal with someone you can trust. This is the largest pitfall of trying to sell your car privately, and many no-name used car lots aren’t much better. Here at The Faricy Boys, we do things differently. We have been serving Colorado drivers since 1942 and have worked hard to build our reputation for honesty and integrity. As a family-owned business for three generations, we know the importance of dealing with real people and not a faceless company. That’s why we encourage you to get to know our team so you know who you’re working with when you sell your car. We want to make sure you are completely comfortable when you work with us.

Your Used Car Buying Center

Selling your used car is a major decision. Whether you are looking to upgrade to a newer model or are trying to make some money by getting rid of a vehicle you don’t drive much anymore, you want to ensure you get the full value of your old car. You also don’t want to waste time dragging out the process or dealing with all the paperwork that comes from selling a car. The good news is that when you visit The Faricy Boys, we will make sure that selling your used car is a breeze. Our expert team will take care of all the details for you while making sure you feel comfortable through every step of the process. Give us a call to find your car’s value and get started today!