Used Jeep Compass – Colorado Springs, CO


2012 Jeep Compass front three quarter


There are so many times when life throws curveball at us and the best we can do is pick up and throw back. Sometimes we get lucky and catch, other times we don’t. Too often these curve balls come in the form of your car breaking down at precisely the wrong moment, like the middle of winter in Colorado. If this has ever happened to you, relax. You’re not alone.

Too often we see our customers panic because like all surprises in life, they weren’t expecting this to happen and especially after paying off the holidays, the last thing you want to do is dish out even more money for a car you weren’t planning on!

The good news: the Faricy Boys in Colorado Springs has the largest family budget friendly used vehicle selection around. Even if you don’t have any extra money saved up for these occasions, the buying experience at Faricy will be unlike any you’ve been through before. We all know that this is part of life. What we want you to know is, we understand. So before you let panic settle in, please come visit us!

Check out our huge selection of gently used vehicles to choose the right one for you!

Given how heavy snow falls have been the past couple of winters, even this one so far, we are sure to expect more. The 2012 Jeep Compass offers not only tremendous drive quality throughout fall, spring and summer, but manages to impress all drivers in every wintry mix winter throws at us. From sleet to rain to heavy snow, Jeeps are made to get through everything and overcome any obstacle. Used Jeep Compasses have the same tenacity and drive to power through it all.


Family Friendly Budget

Possibly the very best thing about the 2012 Jeep Compass is that it is affordable on any budget, especially that which is still paying off the holidays. As we know, winter expenses add up quicker and it’s easier to let our budgets get the best of us, but the Compass keeps your budget in line. As a compact SUV, it provides high fuel efficiency, yet offers low original costs and regular maintenance isn’t as expensive as a regular sized SUV. These features keep a used Jeep Compass within your budget.


Trims To Fit Your Lifestyle

2012 Jeep Compass Altitude


We all lead different lifestyles and we all have specific needs for an SUV. The 2012 Compass offers three trims, each with unique features to fit your needs: Sport, Latitude and Limited. Even as a base model, the Compass Sport features such perks as keyless entry and cruise control. Because your athletic busy life demands not time to worry about silly things, heated mirrors and roof rails are part of this trim and only soothe life’s trials. The Latitude is the middle of the ground and you’ll pay a bit more, but not much for the features you’ll never want to do without like heated seats, reclining rear seats, and a leather wrapped steering wheel with audio controls. For when you need that extra cargo room, the rear seats split and fold 60/40 while the front passenger seat also folds flat revealing enough cargo for large tall item you desperately need.

The Limited trim 2012 Compass is going to be your best choice and here’s why: a model that is a couple years older will already be offered at a lower price. At this lowered price, you can now afford to spoil yourself with a top trim model, where in a brand new car, top trim would be unattainable. These are the times in life when it’s okay to take advantage of the situation. You’ve done enough this year to deserve features like leather upholstery, six-way power driver seat, satellite radio, automatic climate control and 18-inch alloy wheels. These wheels provide you with the confidence that you need getting over that mountain safely and in style.


Faricy Boys are Jeep People

2012 Jeep Compass


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Jeep enthusiasts, or even just someone who loves their Jeep, then you’ll understand the pleasure they derive in speaking to you about their Jeeps. Given their military history, there’s a lot of natural pride that comes from owning a vehicle that had direct impact on U.S. military successes. Couple that with its ‘go anywhere’ attitude and people really start to take that on as a personal mantra. What you’ll find at Faricy is that we are these people who exude that same level of joy and confidence in our ability to find the perfect Jeep for you. Because we’ve already found that in our experiences with Jeep and “Jeeping” we now apply that same philosophy to our own lives. What better way spread happiness than taking you outside and experiencing nature and they want to spread it to yours. “Go anywhere”. Life is your journey and there is no obstacle you can’t overcome.

The energy at Faricy is palpable and happiness is contagious. Even if you don’t find a brand new Jeep on your first visit, you are likely to return because we look forward to every visit from all our guests.

At Faricy, we like to treat each person who walks through our doors as guests. We listen to your stories and empathize, understanding that every person’s life is unique and requires different needs.
We understand that real life happens so we get that buying a vehicle when it’s unexpected can be a disruption to your routine and sometimes causes unnecessary chaos. What we want you to know is that these problems are not yours to face alone. We look forward to helping you solve any situation easily and flawlessly. It’s during these times when our team’s nature of truly caring and giving stands out from the rest.

Bring the problem to us and we’ll provide the answers for you. Our staff is not only friendly and caring, but eager to listen to your lifestyle as a student, parent, retired adventurer. It is our job to seek the right car for you and assist your financial situation, not the other way around. We do things a little different at Faricy and we think you’ll like it!

As a student, as a parent and as a person who won’t let obstacles stand in your way of achieving your goals, there is no better choice for you than the 2012 Compass. Think of what a head start you’ll have on the new year knowing you’re already buying a vehicle that can get you through the toughest winters and longest commutes safely and while saving money! Choosing a used Jeep Compass rather than a full size SUV saves you money on initial costs, fuel consumption, and because you shopped at Faricy, you’ll be treated to our amazingly knowledgeable service department that uses Jeep made parts.

Knowing that a Jeep is the best decision for you, there is only one place in Colorado Springs to look and it is Faricy. These boys love what they do and you’ll see it as soon as you get there. Their excitement to help you is present. The knowledge they have about all things Jeep is impressive, but most of all their determination to put a smile on your face is their job. As with all Jeep people, buying a Jeep is the first step, from there it’s getting outside and letting it guide you home.