The Jeep Detour Demonstrates the Cherokee’s Many Capabilities


Jeep Cherokee Detour Front


The Jeep Cherokee is easily the most unique crossover on the road today. With a squinty front-end design that challenges the traditional look of this 42 year-young SUV, the Cherokee doesn’t just challenge this segment – it defines it. Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, the Cherokee stays true to its performance roots for the 2016 model year, and Jeep isn’t afraid to put it to the test. Talk is cheap, and as a Jeep dealer in Colorado Springs, The Faricy Boys knows how important it is to be able to depend on the capabilities of a Jeep, not just read about them on a spec sheet. Lucky enough, the Jeep brand happens to share that in common with us.


Jeep Prefers Action over Conversation

Whether the Jeep brand was sick of defending, explaining, and listing out the Cherokee’s many capabilities, or they just wanted to change the crossover SUV’s narrative, it doesn’t entirely matter. Whatever their reasoning, Jeep created one of the most impressive and ground breaking (literally) ways to demonstrate the Cherokee’s power and performance. As an automotive manufacturer that got its actual start with an action-based purpose, it only made sense that the iconic brand would stay close to its roots with the creation of the Cherokee Detour.


Raw Reactions in a Real River – The Cherokee Detour


Jeep Cherokee Detour


Okay, after thinking about this further, it has to be true that Jeep was tired of talking, and needed to show drivers what the Cherokee was truly made of. After all, what else would prompt an automotive brand to build a river in a city? A river in a city?! Yes, a river in a city. Jeep either has a big imagination or the best publicity team in the world, because the Cherokee Detour was a truly a one of a kind marketing endeavor that is still being discussed over a year after it took place.

Jeep cut off traffic on a Vancouver city street, and completely transformed it in the most unsuspecting way. A few boulders, a puddle or two, and a couple of downed trees would have likely sufficed, but the brand that has always dreamed big had a much more complex course in mind. Complete with a full-on mature forest, a swift-moving mountain river, boulders, snowbanks, moss, gravel, sand and rock, the Cherokee Detour was nothing short of the real thing. In fact, just for good measure, Jeep even added a few wolves to the mix – because…well, because it’s Jeep, and why not?

The transformation wasn’t merely for the aesthetic shock and awe it deservedly achieved, but was meant to show off the actual capabilities of the 2016 Cherokee. The brand recruited two individuals who were going about their day in Vancouver, to take the Cherokee on a test drive. Instructed only to follow the directions on the Cherokee’s navigation screen, the drivers had no idea just how intense their detour would become.

With a camera on the driver as well as the city backdrop, the Cherokee Detour managed to capture real and raw reactions from the two individuals chosen to complete the course. The result was nothing short of awesome, and ended up becoming one of the brand’s most iconic and unique thirty second commercial spots to ever air.


Not a Smoke and Mirrors Disney Operation


Jeep Cherokee Detour River


In true Jeep fashion, the brand went all-out when they turned a busy Vancouver street into an off-road obstacle course. Check out some of what the brand brought in for the extravagant demonstration:

  • 250,000 gallons of water
  • 1,000,000 pounds of boulders, rocks, and sand
  • 2,500 sand bags
  • 400,000 pounds of snow
  • 80 fir trees along with sticks, logs, and moss
  • 2 live wolves – professional actor animals protected on-set by the American Humane Association

You can see from the extensive prop list above, that the Cherokee Detour was not a simple set up that was imagined overnight. Rather, it was a well-thought out and expertly executed course designed to accomplish the purpose of showing off the many capabilities of the Cherokee. From our vantage point – it was a success.


A Year Later and Why It Still Matters

The Jeep Detour accomplished what dealerships like The Faricy Boys have been trying to illustrate to customers for years. The Cherokee is a great mid-size crossover that is comfortable and well-appointed for the price, but the vehicle is so much more than that. Here in Colorado, having a capable and dependable crossover can mean the difference between getting to work on time, and being stranded on the side of a mountain for the duration of a storm. This example is extreme, we will admit, but it drives home the importance of owning a capable crossover, not just any old SUV.


Why the Cherokee is Different


Jeep Cherokee Detour Snow


In case you don’t have time to watch all of the videos that showcase the Cherokee’s capabilities in action, we will highlight what the commercials touch on, below.

  • Selec-Terrain: This advanced traction control system offers five customizable settings that can be changed depending on terrain, road conditions, and the capabilities required to tackle both. Automatic, snow, sport, sand/mud, and rock are all options on this Jeep-exclusive technology.
  • Uconnect: This system provides drivers with an interactive and easy to use 8.4-inch touchscreen that is enhanced with voice command controls for entertainment, navigation, and vehicle settings. The Uconnect system also offers hands-free mobile connectivity for safer driving practices.
  • Parksense Front and Rear Park Assist: The name says it all, but the video says more about this system than you could imagine. This stunning safety technology transports you through any terrain and over any obstacle you encounter in your Cherokee.
  • Towing Capability: Rated to tow over 4,500 pounds, the Cherokee is able to not only transport you through rugged mountain terrain, but will do so with whatever you need to bring along for the adventure.
  • Fuel Economy: Despite all of its muscle and capable valor, the Cherokee manages up to 31 miles per gallon on the highway. This impressive number proves that you don’t need to sacrifice efficiency for performance, or vice-versa.


Take if for a Test Drive

The 2016 Cherokee is so much more than a midsize crossover, and the Detour stunt that Jeep pulled off last year is merely the jumping off point when it comes to the Cherokee’s impressive performance. Come down to The Faricy Boys and check out the brand new Cherokee models and take them for a test drive. We may not have a river for you to drive through, but we think you will be impressed with what we can offer you during your one of a kind test drive. Stop by and see us today!