Jeep Maintenance

You don’t buy your Jeep to blend in with the crowd. Since their introduction Jeeps have stood out from the crowd, both in terms of looks as well as performance. That being said, a unique vehicle requires a unique level of care. With the right repairs and maintenance, a Jeep can serve you for decades – just look around, and you’ll see plenty of Cherokees, Grand Cherokees, and Wranglers with years of service, still in great condition.

Regular Maintenance

Some types of maintenance are the same for any vehicle, whether it’s a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a subcompact hatchback. This includes maintenance such as:

  • Checking your front and rear lights and tire pressure monthly.
  • Change your Jeep’s oil and filter every 4,000 miles or so, and while you’re at it, see about lubricating the chassis.
  • Inspect belts and hoses underneath the hood at each oil change.
  • Rotate the tires and balance the wheels every 6,000-8,000 miles.
  • Replace the air filter every 20,000 miles.
  • Check your wheel alignment every 20,000 miles, or when you put on new wheels.
  • Cooling system flush and refill every 50,000 miles.
  • Drive belt, hose, and engine timing belt checks every 20,000 miles, with replacement every 50,000-80,000 miles.

Jeep-Specific Maintenance

Of course, if you’re planning on using your Jeep for the heavy-duty, off-road traveling it is capable of, there are higher levels of maintenance you’ll need to perform.

  • In addition to the monthly checks, make sure you check your tire pressure before and after any off-road activities.
  • Any time you cross water that is deep enough to rise over the hubs of your wheels, you’ll want to replace the fluids in your differentials as a precaution.
  • In addition to the regular tire rotation and wheel balancing, check your wheel weights after any off-road driving.
  • If you have a Jeep with drum brakes, make sure they have been cleaned out properly after any off-road drives – mud and snow can work its way into the brakes and reduce your stopping power.
  • Check your air filter on a regular basis, and clean it when necessary if you plan on hitting the dusty trail often. The more dust and dirt the filter has to keep out, the shorter its life span will be. Heavy off-roading can lower the replacement period down to every 12,000 miles.
  • Off-roading can knock wheels out of alignment easily, so if you take your Jeep off road often, have your wheels aligned every 3 months.

Repairing Your Jeep

Even with regular maintenance, you’ll need repairs every so often, even more if you plan on working your Jeep hard on the off-road trails. There is no such thing as a “common” repair, as every repair will have its own oddities. We recommend you leave the repairs to professional mechanics, particularly when it comes to the drivetrain, brakes, and handling components.

Have Faricy Do It!

Some of these maintenance procedures could be done at home, if you’re especially handy. The problem is, you’ll need to make sure you have the right parts and tools – which can be expensive for a one-time repair! Genuine and OEM parts from Faricy Boys are guaranteed to be the right piece for your vehicle. Most repairs and maintenance will need an experienced mechanic. You don’t want just any mechanic to work on your Jeep, either – they are particular machines, and need a certain level of knowledge and care.

That’s why you bring your jeep to The Faricy Boys of Colorado Springs, Colorado. We know that the roads of Denver, Castle Rock, and Pueblo can take their toll on Jeeps, and we also know just what awaits you if you take your Jeep onto the trails in Pikes National Forest. Our staff is trained on maintaining Jeeps specifically, and so it’s their job to know them inside and out.

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