Lifts and Wheels

Welcome to The Faricy Boys lift kit information page. Feel free to browse our lift kit information below, watch our Jeep buildup video or follow our wheel link to our wheel collage page that will show you what different wheels look like on the new Wrangler. Please feel free to contact us with questions in regards to lift kits, tires, wheels or any other accessory for your car or truck. You can contact us by clicking on the following email link at or by calling our parts team at 866-614-7173. Enjoy!


The Mopar Performance Jeep Wrangler JK 4.5″ suspension is designed to create enough under-vehicle space for massive 37″ tires to operate inside the Wrangler’s fender openings. The kit is designed to fit any 2007-2009 4-door model from the X to the Rubicon. A 2-door kit is about to undergo off-road durability testing. The 4-door kit comes complete with every part needed to bring your vehicle to the next level of performance including long-arm control arms, u-joint drive shafts and specifically-tuned Bilstein shocks. Developing this lift kit required that additional upgrade components be developed. The upgraded driveshaft and re-calibrated Bilstein shocks are also available separately to augment other suspension upgrade projects you might be working on. Call our Parts Department today at 866-614-7173 to ask about availability and pricing.


2″ Coil Spring Lift Kit

This kit offers exceptional ride comfort and control, on-road or off. Offers all the suspension travel the factory JK driveline offers. 2WD applications yield approximately 3″ lift. Ideal for 33″ to 35″ diameter tires.


  • Ideally rated coil springs and Bilstein premium shock absorbers provide unmatched ride quality and handling, both on-road and on the trails
  • Yields all of the suspension travel and articulation the factory JK drivelines have to offer
  • Adjustable alignment cams (at front / lower link arms-to-axle attachment points) correct caster angle
  • Front body / frame alignment corrected by an adjustable track bar; the rear is handled via a track bar relocation bracket with integrated brace
  • Correct length sway bar links with greasable, factory type ends
  • Brake hose and parking brake cable relocation brackets
  • Replacement high-clearance, high capacity steering dampener kit

Lift Kits work with all vehicle systems including the Electronic Stability Program, and are covered (except P5155075) by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The warrantor is the Lift Kit manufacturer, not Mopar, Chrysler LLC, or the dealership selling the product. Refer to for warranty details and installation instruction downloads.