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Have you always dreamed of owning a ruggedly capable Jeep brand SUV, but didn’t think you could afford it? Just looking at some of the prices on the well-equipped versions of your favorite Jeep model was enough to talk you out of pursuing your lifelong dream. Unfortunately, this happens to more people than you might think. Realizing that your dream car is still out of reach can be rather disappointing, and leave you with feelings of inadequacy and even heartbreak. Before you count yourself out of living the Jeep Life, though, consider a Jeep lease. Taking out a lease on your dream Jeep model may be the solution you have been crossing your fingers for, after all.


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Leasing a Jeep with The Faricy Boys

The Faricy Boys Jeep dealership, here in Colorado Springs, has been helping people just like yourself find their way behind the wheel of their very own iconic SUV since 1942. To say that we are committed to helping you realize your dream of Jeep ownership, is a complete and total understatement. We aren’t just kind of committed to making this happen for you and others in your same situation, but are wholeheartedly invested in connecting owners with their beloved and highly sought after Jeep brand models. Nothing makes the team at The Faricy Boys more elated than helping someone realize that they actually can afford a brand new Jeep model, and one of the most effective ways to make this happen is through the Jeep leasing program.

If you have never leased a new car in the past, then it is important to understand how it works, prior to deciding whether or not it is the right route for you to take.

Leasing a Jeep: Pros and Cons

Before you can make the decision between financing a new Jeep model, or taking advantage of one of the many lease deals available at The Faricy Boys, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of leasing a new car. Each of the following may be a negative or a positive, depending on your outlook and your personal feelings toward car ownership.

  • You Don’t Own It: When you lease a new Jeep, you aren’t actually the owner. Essentially, you are borrowing the car for an extended period of time, typically 36-months, and making payments on the depreciation rather than the full listed price. If you are the type of driver who takes great pride in paying off his car, then leasing may not be a route you would enjoy.
  • Lower Monthly Payments: Despite the fact that you won’t actually own your Jeep if you decide to lease it, you will certainly benefit from lower monthly payments. While there is no exact discount percentage you can expect from leasing over buying, lease payments will cost you noticeably less than car payments made toward an automotive loan. Lease payments cover the total amount of depreciation for the duration of the lease agreement, so you will only end up paying for the part of the Jeep you use, not the entire SUV.
  • Limited Mileage: When you sign a lease agreement on a new Jeep, you will be able to decide how many miles you estimate traveling annually. Ranging from the standard 12,000 miles and up, it is ultimately your decision how many miles your lease term specifies. Because monthly payments are based on depreciation over the time you drive your new Jeep model, annual mileage plays a major role in helping calculate that projected amount. While some shoppers find this to be limiting, the vast majority of people find that limited mileage is not at all an issue when leasing a new vehicle.
  • More Bang For Your Buck: Not only will a Jeep lease cost you less than a financed model, it will also allow you to get much more out of your dream vehicle than you otherwise would be able to afford. If your eye is fixed on a high-end luxury model, you can expect to pay substantially less with a lease, than you would buying it outright. This point is obviously a perk for car shoppers, and not at all a negative.
  • You Can’t Modify It: If you are wanting to buy a Wrangler and modify it with a lift kit and other parts and accessories, leasing is not for you. On the other hand, if you have always dreamed of owning a capable and refined Cherokee or Grand Cherokee model, with no plans to alter it, then leasing is still your best option. Other models like the Renegade and Compass are also great for leasing, as they typically are not modified or enhanced for off-road prowess.
  • You Always Drive a New Model: One of the highest regarded perks of leasing over buying is that you will have the luxury of driving a new model at least every three years. Long gone are the days of driving the same car for decades, crossing your fingers each day as you turn the key in the ignition, hoping it starts without issue. When you lease a new Jeep model, you don’t have to drive it until it won’t turn on anymore. Instead, after your lease agreement expires, you can turn it in for a brand new model. Whether it’s the same exact car as your first lease, or an entirely different model, you will always be the neighbor on the block with the newest year Jeep parked in your driveway.

Lease Your Jeep and Save!

Hopefully, this list of pros and cons has helped you decide whether or not to lease your new Jeep SUV. As you can easily see, leasing a new Jeep is the surest way to get the exact model you want, at a price you can afford. While buying the same 2017 Jeep Cherokee may end up costing you upwards of $400 per month, a higher end version of the 2017 Cherokee can be leased for as little as $229 per month. While these numbers are purely subjective and do not represent current lease deals on Jeeps at The Faricy Boys, they do serve to illustrate just how much of a difference buying versus leasing can be when it comes to monthly payment amounts.

The bottom line is that when you lease your next Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Renegade, Compass, or other capable model – you will be saving money each month, guaranteed. The model you end up driving day in and day out could be the lack-luster car you currently own, or the Jeep model you have always dreamed of calling your very own. The Faricy Boys team is ready to talk to you more about your leasing options, and will work with you and your budget to help decide if leasing is your best choice when it comes to purchasing a new Jeep model. Leasing can be a complicated process to understand, especially if you have never experienced it before. Don’t be afraid to come down and speak to our team, get your questions answered, and learn more about this incredible opportunity to drive home in the Jeep crossover or SUV of your dreams. The friendly and knowledge team at The Faricy Boys is waiting to help, and can’t wait to help you realize your ultimate dream of driving off in your very own, brand new Jeep brand SUV. See you very soon.

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