Four Incentives to Opting for a Used a Car

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The used car buying process can be a bit hectic and overwhelming, and you might find yourself asking whether it’s even worth it. After all, dealerships tend to cater to customers who are seeking new cars, and you’re already anticipating an inferior vehicle when opting for a used car. When you’re weighing the two options, it might seem like a new car is the way to go.

However, there are several incentives to opting for the “used car” route. Besides the obvious monetary advantages, there are an assortment of additional reasons why customers should be targeting a used vehicle.

Below, we’ve provided several reasons why it’s actually beneficial for a potential car buyer to pursue a used vehicle. While we may not convince you one way or the other, you’ll surely be feeling better about the prospect of pursuing used cars when you’ve finished reading…


Incentive #1: Monetary Incentives

Predictably, one of the major benefits of pursuing a used car over a new car is financially motivated. Used cars are generally less expensive than their newer counterparts, and the price discrepancy allows customers to save some money on their budget (or, alternatively, opt for a higher trim or luxury amenities). If you’ve found that your money situation is a bit tight, then opting for a used car will surely reduce the stress of those impending monthly payments.

However, there are additional financial incentives that accompany purchasing a used car. The original owner of the vehicle will be responsible for enduring the majority of the car’s depreciation. Once you’ve purchased the non-new car, the vehicle won’t reduce in value nearly as rapidly. Therefore, if you decide to turn around and sell the car, you won’t experience nearly as much depreciation as the original owner.

A lower-priced vehicle also leads to less sales tax and lower insurance premiums, putting some extra money in the customer’s pocket. Furthermore, if you’re planning on pursuing financing for the vehicle, the applicable interest payments will also be reduced.


Incentive #2: Ability to Anticipate Any Issues

When you pursue a new car, you’ll mostly have to rely on the advice of automotive experts. While this certainly isn’t a bad thing, you really won’t have the chance to look at the testimonials of current owners. After all, if the model is brand new, owners are still feeling out their purchase, and they surely aren’t rushing to message boards to give a knee-jerk reaction. There is considerable risk here, as owners can later learn that the vehicle’s lauded capabilities or features are a bit underwhelming. Furthermore, owners might find that the vehicle runs into an array of issues after being on the road for some time. As we mentioned before, owners can’t anticipate this problem until it’s too late.

However, by opting for a used car, customers can read reviews on any of their target vehicles, providing them with some clarity on any potential problems. If a particular model tends to fail after several years on the road, you may prefer a car that’s got a bit more longevity. If the real-time fuel efficiency of a particular vehicle’s engine tends to be called into question, drivers can switch their focus to a better commuter vehicle. Opting for a used car can predictably come with its fair share of issues, but many of the mechanical problems can be avoided if customers do their research.

Speaking of research, drivers can get a better understanding of their target by pursuing their preferred used car’s history report. These extensive documents will alert the customer to any previous warning signs, whether they be random mechanical issues or an accident. While this information might not dissuade you from pursuing a used car, it should at least alert you if the vehicle shouldn’t be purchased.


Incentive #3: Reliability

This might sound a bit silly, as the majority of used cars are aging and on their final leg. In that case, how could you possibly rely on these particular vehicles? Well, it it’s all about trusting a particular dealership.

Now, we’d generally suggest to stay away from sketchy, smaller car-sellers 100-percent of the time, regardless of your particular car-buying needs. By opting for a reputable, trustworthy dealership, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a lemon. Dealerships usually attach some types of warranties to their used vehicles, protecting the customer in case they do ultimately purchase a dud. Thanks to these offerings from the dealership, customers shouldn’t have any reservations about pursuing a used vehicle.

Alternatively, customers could also opt for certified pre-owned vehicles, which are cars that have been backed by the brand or dealership. These non-new cars go through an extensive inspection process, assuring that every aspect of the vehicle is working properly. When the brand or dealership’s technicians have determined that the car is good to go, it’s finally placed on the seller’s lot. These vehicles generally tend to be more expensive that a standard used car, but they also provide the customer with a bit more security.


Incentive #4: Dealership Deals

It’s generally more difficult for a dealership to sell their used inventory over their new inventory, so you’ll often find that these businesses provide their customers with some types of incentives for pursuing these types of rides. For instance, Faricy has their One Price Program, which is intended to improve the tedious car-buying process. The dealership promises no negotiations when customers pursue one of their used vehicles, as the price on the sticker is the definitive asking price. If you’re the type of consumer who prefers to avoid long processes and worrisome negotiations, offerings like Faricy’s One Price Program will surely be right up your alley.

Now that you understand all of the advantages that accompany pursuing a used car, it’s time to start shopping for your next vehicle. Well, if you live in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area, there’s no better place to pursue that car than at The Faricy Boys. The dealership’s knowledgeable sales team will guide you through the whole process, and you can confidently drive off the lot in your recently-purchased used vehicle in no time.