Chrysler Affiliate Rewards Program

Do You Qualify for Chrysler or Jeep Affiliate Rewards Program?

If you or your spouse work for, or have retired from, one of the companies listed in the link below, you may qualify for pricing as low as 1% below the factory invoice on any new Chrysler or Jeep vehicle! Check the list of companies below to see if your company qualifies.*

 Chrysler Affiliate Program

If you don’t see your company on the list, please contact us at (877)482-6750 or email us at to see if your company has been recently added! More and more companies are becoming Chrysler Affiliates every day.


*This program is made available to individuals, company employees and retirees, and members of eligible associates/organizations designated by Chrysler Group, LLC. The Program is designed to recognize companies, associations, and organizations that have a special business relationship with Chrysler LLC or its affiliates, as well as Chrysler supported marketing events where Affiliate Rewards ‘Preferred Price’ coupons are distributed. Examples could include, but are not limited to: employees, retirees (spouse, surviving spouse, and same sex domestic partner as recognized by eligible company) of corporations, companies, and divisions. Each eligible individual may purchase or lease new and unused vehicles at the ‘Preferred Price’ per calendar year, as long as the company stays on Chrysler LLC’s company eligibility list.  Please call us to learn more.