Auto Finance vs. Lease – Which Options Should You Choose?

Finance vs. Lease

At Faricy Boys, your mood won’t be dampened by the financial aspects of buying a new or used vehicle. Our dealership is dedicated to helping customers save money by giving them unmatched financing and leasing options for the pre-owned or new vehicle they choose in our lot.

With our financial experts, we promise that you will find the car loan or lease that meets your personal needs. At Faricy Boys, you’ll get the best financial service to get you on the road for less in the Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, and Denver areas.

Unmatched Financing

Our dealership’s finance department dedicated their time to making the car buying process as painless as possible. There are a number of advantages to financing your pre-owned or new vehicle.

As the owner, you can drive, modify or sell the car whenever and wherever you want without penalty. Car buying is more economic in the long run unless you buy or trade-in your vehicle regularly. This option is ideal for family vehicles, new drivers, or commuters.

Faricy Boy’s finance department works with a network of financial institutions to get our shoppers unmatched rates on car loans. We understand the importance of choosing an auto loan that best fits with your lifestyle and budget.

Stress-Free Leasing

At Faricy Boys, we make the leasing process as stress-free as possible. Our dealership provides buyers with lower lease payments and flexible lease agreements, so they can simply return their vehicle and select a new model when the lease expires.

We work with our customers to stipulate early terminations fees, mileage, payment amounts, wear-and-tear and maintenance. With our leasing options, customers can drive a better, newer car for less money each month. Leasing customers don’t have to worry about costly repairs or trade-in hassles at the end of their lease term.

This option is ideal for company vehicles, low mileage drivers, or older drivers. Lease the car of your dreams at Faricy Boys!

Money Saving Options – Financing vs. Leasing

Our finance team will work with you to decide which option – financing or leasing – best fits your vehicle needs. With leasing, you are paying for a portion of the car. It looks great in the short run, but you’ll always be making payments without ownership of a vehicle.

With financing, you will eventually own the car, but it will not be valuable in the market. Whether you’re financing or leasing a pre-owned or new car, the Faricy Boys finance department is dedicated to helping our customers find the option that best suits their budget.