Used Cars for Sale – Colorado Springs, CO

Are you on the hunt for your next great car, but aren't sure where to even begin the process? The good news is that you have found Faricy Boys - the Colorado dealership with the best selection of used cars for sale this side of the Mississippi River. When it comes down to finding the best used cars, the make and model isn't always what is most important. Rather, finding a reputable dealership with quality used cars for sale, will ensure that your hard earned money is not only protected, but also invested exactly where it should be. The Faricy Boys should be your top choice when searching for used cars for sale in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area!

Rocky mountains and trees in front of a blue Colorado Springs sky

Your Mode of Transportation Matters

Here in Colorado, residents rely heavily on their personal vehicles to get them to and from their destinations safely. While other areas of the United States may also be partial to their cars, trucks, or SUVs, here in Colorado, we need our vehicles to not only get us from Point A to Point B, but deliver us over rugged mountains, snowy overpasses, and through icy switchbacks. The Centennial State has a lot going for it, and because of our unique landscape, it is important to drive a highly capable car that can deliver us safely from one destination to the next.

While one day it may be seventy degrees with the sun shining, the next could bring white-out conditions with an exterior temperature to match. The Faricy Boys are proud to offer quality used cars for sale in Colorado Springs, that are capable of tackling the Colorado climate, and conquering its rugged mountain terrain. From used sedans to Jeep brand SUVs, The Faricy Boys offers something truly perfect for every individual who entrusts us with their car buying needs.


Large Inventory of Great Used Vehicles

The Faricy Boys is located in the heart of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and we have been proudly serving area residents since 1942. Aside from our large inventory of brand new Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM vehicles, The Faricy Boys also boasts a highly versatile offering of used vehicles from nearly every automotive manufacturer. We work with every buyer to find the perfect car to match their lifestyle, desires, and financial situation. From a variety of pre-owned vehicles, to newer models from other automotive brands, to plenty of options listed under $10,000 - The Faricy Boys has you covered, no matter what.

When you come and check out the used cars for sale at The Faricy Boys, you will realize that our family run dealership is different from other area dealers that you have visited in the past. Not only are we made up of top notch professionals who are committed to the satisfaction of our customers, but The Faricy Boys is proud to offer exclusive benefits to those who trust us with their car buying needs. The Faricy Boys believes in doing things differently, which is one of the reasons why we continuously have past customers come and see us for their upcoming automotive needs. The bottom line is when you purchase a new or used car with The Faricy Boys, you will leave our dealership with not only a new car, but with complete peace of mind knowing that you secured a quality vehicle from a reputable dealership. Discover what else The Faricy Boys offers that allows us to continue our commitment to the wonderful residents of Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities:

  • Transparency - All of our new and used vehicles offer up-front, real pricing with no hidden charges. We aren't interested in tricking you into buying a car, only to squeeze more of your hard earned money from your wallet. Instead, we take a straight-forward approach to selling new and used cars, that keeps you out of the dark, and entirely within the light.
  • Camaraderie - The team here at The Faricy Boys is the best of the best, representing the true nature and spirit of Colorado. Every one of our team members is honest, real, and ready to change your perception of the car buying process. While everything about The Faricy Boys is great, our team is what truly allows us to shine.
  • Family - We opened our doors over 70 years ago as a family, and we remain in business, steadfast in our commitment to not only one another, but to the city that has allowed us to call it home since 1942.
  • Exclusivity - The Faricy Boys offers a one of a kind four-by-four test track that all of our customers are able to try out prior to making a purchase. When you buy a car from The Faricy Boys, we want to make sure you understand the entire potential of your vehicle. No other dealership offers this sort of test driving experience - it's exclusive only to The Faricy Boys.
  • Cleanliness - Here at The Faricy Boys, we believe in keeping things shiny and clean. Not only is our showroom impeccable, but all of our customers are able to take advantage of unlimited free car washes for the first sixty days after buying a vehicle from us. Whether you are taking your new Jeep out on the trail, or simply want to enjoy a clean car, The Faricy Boys has you covered.
  • Confidence - The peace of mind and confidence in your new or used car purchase with The Faricy Boys goes beyond the quality of your vehicle, and extends into every aspect of the car buying process. Our price protection guarantee provides you with assurance that the price you pay for your vehicle is actually what it is worth, and oftentimes under market value. Every qualified used car that we sell at The Faricy Boys comes with a comprehensive reconditioning report that ensures your vehicle has been checked, re-checked, and fixed when it was needed. A free CarFax report is also included on every used car, truck, or SUV on our lot, which is just another way we give you the confidence in your pre-owned vehicle purchase.


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