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Embarking on a new car buying journey is one of the most exciting times in a person's life, especially if they are a first time car buyer. What is even more exciting than purchasing a new car is looking specifically for brand new Jeeps for sale. The Jeep brand is arguably the most iconic automotive manufacturer in the world, and certainly is here in the United States. Known for its patriotic heritage, rugged capability, and premium quality - Jeep is one automotive brand that simply does not disappoint. Here in Colorado Springs, a Jeep vehicle isn't just a way to get around, it is the way to get around. If you have made the decision to purchase an iconic Jeep here in Colorado Springs, we invite you to come down and meet The Faricy Boys - the number one Jeep brand dealership in the entire Golden State.

A red 2016 Jeep Cherokee parked in front of a modern building in Colorado Springs, CO.

The Faricy Boys Has You Covered

At The Faricy Boys, we don't just sell Jeep brand vehicles - we live and breathe the Jeep culture. When we first opened our doors back in 1942, all we knew was that we wanted to provide area residents the opportunity to own and drive the most capable SUVs ever made. Here in Colorado, choosing a vehicle that is as proficient off-road as it is on is not just a novelty, but a necessity. Whether or not you intend to take your Jeep on the many trails that Colorado has to offer, the intense winters are enough to warrant a vehicle with four-wheel-drive capability. If you become an off-road enthusiast in the meantime, then you already own the most capable all-terrain vehicle on the market.

However you come about Jeep ownership, we hope that you choose to trust The Faricy Boys with your new vehicle purchase. We offer a stunning selection of off-road ready Jeep models, with plenty of options to choose from within each of the brand's nameplates. Whether you are ready to go all-in with a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, or are wanting to take smaller steps with the Renegade compact crossover - The Faricy Boys have you covered.

Committed to Our Customer, Committed to the Jeep Culture

A white 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is driving on a hilly road at sunset.

Just as the Jeep brand is more than an automotive manufacturer, The Faricy Boys is so much more than a Jeep dealership. We count ourselves lucky to be able to sell the most capable all-terrain vehicles in the world, and even luckier to be able to sell them to the incredible residents of Colorado Springs and beyond. Our commitment to both our customers and the Jeep culture is what makes The Faricy Boys such a unique dealership to visit and purchase a new Jeep brand vehicle from.

One of the ways in which we demonstrate our commitment to both our customers and the Jeep lifestyle is through our Rock Solid Trail Day events. Since 2009, we have been providing area residents with the opportunity to hit the trails with us in the beautiful Colorado landscape. We have conquered expert level trails, beginner level trails, and everywhere in between. It is our way to not only introduce buyers to the most unique side of Jeep ownership, but to also interact and thank the people who have helped The Faricy Boys build such a successful and longstanding Jeep dealership. The Rock Solid Trail Day events hosted by The Faricy Boys can be best described as good old fashioned FUN. We hit the trails, help beginners polish up on their off-road skills, and offer pointers to those who are still learning the ropes. The Faricy Boys even provides lunch for everyone who signs up on our website for the event. The Rock Solid Trail Day events that The Faricy Boys host throughout the year, are just one of the many ways that we are able to demonstrate our commitment to both our customers, and the Jeep culture.

A true testament to The Faricy Boys commitment to providing buyers with a one of a kind Jeep experience is with our on-site 4x4 test track. Drivers are able to test out the capability of their new Jeep vehicle, before signing on the dotted line. Not only does this ensure you are buying a Jeep that will perform just how you need it to, it also gives us the chance to show off the most ruggedly capable vehicles ever made. Off-road enthusiasts go out of their way to come to The Faricy Boys Jeep dealership, because they know that we are as committed to that lifestyle as they are.

If you prefer to stay on the beaten path with your new Jeep vehicle, we completely understand. The Faricy Boys knows that the iconic Jeep brand does not just appeal to off-road enthusiasts, but to the everyday driver who values capability, reliability, and let's face it - automotive style. A Jeep brand vehicle will help you tackle the snowy mountain roads and highway exchanges this winter, but it will also help you look awesome while doing it. Try as we might, we have found it impossible to not look awesome sitting behind the wheel of a Jeep model here in Colorado. From the Wrangler, to the Grand Cherokee, to the Compass - there is something innately perfect about a Jeep vehicle driving down the highway with the Rocky Mountains in the background. The bottom line - whether you crave the off-road capability of a Jeep, the on-road confidence of Jeep's four-wheel-drive system, or simply want to look cool during your commute to work each day - The Faricy Boys can help you find the Jeep for your lifestyle.

A red 2020 Jeep Compass is shown from the passenger side driving through a city.

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