Customer 1st Award For Excellence

As your local Jeep and Chrysler dealership, we are proud to share that The Faricy Boys have been awarded the 2019 Customer 1st Award for Excellence. In order to qualify for this award, dealerships must meet strict standards set and verified by the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) and JD Powers. While many dealerships apply for this award, few receive the title after completing the programs thorough application process. However, with the help of our extraordinarily committed and passionate staff and our dedication to uphold the Faricy family values, The Faricy Boys dealership has earned this award for its second year in a row.

Jeep Dealership in Denver - The Faricy Boys

About The Faricy Boys Dealership

Any driver who steps into our dealership will be greeted by a passionate team of automotive professionals, making for an enjoyable and comfortable environment for the entirety of your car-buying experience. But, this didn’t happen overnight. Instead, the excellence of The Faricy Boys started in 1942 when the company was founded by Owen Faricy. As a passionate and dedicated leader, Faricy helped to inspire a sense of integrity and loyalty in each member of his team. With each generation, these values only continued to grow, and today The Faricy Boys remains a family owned and operated company enhanced by its team of devoted Jeep and Chrysler experts. Each day we honor the Faricy name by maintaining strict quality standards and treating each customer with the utmost care. The passion we have for upholding these values is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of each and every vehicle on our lot.

Customer 1st Award Qualifications

Earning the Customer 1st Award for Excellence is no easy feat for a dealership. In fact, dealerships all around the country apply each year with only a small percentage qualifying for the award. Naturally, as your local dealership, we are elated to have earned this award for the second year in a row and are eager to share exactly what goes into qualifying for this strict program.

The Process

Qualifying for the Customer 1st Award is a complex process. Each qualification set by the program must be verified on-site at the dealership by JD Powers. The visit by JD Powers not only includes a strict validation process of the qualifying factors but even includes a thorough inspection of the facility itself. During this inspection, JD Powers representatives ensure that the dealership is clean and well-maintained in every way. Customer satisfaction is also carefully measured by analyzing the results of customer surveys collected throughout the year. Overall, the process for the Customer 1st Award is incredibly thorough and works to ensure that qualifying dealerships offer premium service to their customers.

Strict Requirements

Now you’re probably wondering, “What does a dealership need to do to qualify for the Customer 1st Award?”. Thankfully, we are happy to explain it! In order to qualify for the Customer 1st Award there are several strict standards that the dealership must meet. Here are just a few of these qualifications:

  • Positive Customer Feedback
  • Clean and Well-Maintained Facility
  • Customer Willingness for Referrals
  • High-Quality Repairs from On-Site Service Center

In addition to these requirements, dealerships must also provide loaner vehicles for each customer that will be without a vehicle due to maintenance or repairs. Employee engagement is also analyzed using annual surveys, which are reviewed and approved during the on-site JD Powers visit.

Ongoing Training

One of the most important parts of qualifying for the Customer 1st Service Award revolves around strict training requirements for the staff members of the dealership. For members of the sales team and service center, as well as the managers of these departments, this training is especially crucial. 90% of the team members of these positions are required to advance to level two of the FCA curriculum in order for the dealership to qualify for the program. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that the service centers of dealerships earning this award are staffed with knowledgeable and capable technicians that can carry out even the most complex services in a high-quality fashion. In addition to maintaining this high level of training for its on-site service center, the dealership is also required to employ a Uconnect and Jeep expert.


Lastly, in order to determine if the dealership in question meets enough of the strict standards required by the Customer 1st Award program, a scoring system is used during the JD Powers on-site visit. In order to qualify for the award, the dealership must be awarded a minimum of 85% of the potential points for each category. In total, there are 172 points available during the JD Powers validation process.

One of the winners of the 2018 Customer 1st Award for Excellence, The Faricy Boys

So, How Did The Faricy Boys Score?

At The Faricy Boys, we are proud to share that we have earned the Customer 1st Award for Excellence for both 2018 and 2019. For the 2019 Customer 1st Award, The Faricy Boys were awarded a total 171 points out of the potential 172 points. We are incredibly pleased with this high score and are proud that the passion and dedication of our team made this level of excellence possible. Out of the thousands of dealerships nationwide that apply for this program, less than 10% meet the requirements when it comes to the Customer 1st Award for Excellence.

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