Best Used Jeeps For Winter Driving

We all know that when it comes to Jeeps and overcoming obstacles, they have it covered.  Whether it be climbing rocky mountains, crossing streams or rivers, or snow blanketed highways, Jeeps are made for any terrain.  So, as the days start to get shorter and the chillier breeze starts blowing, it seems like the right time to start saving to buy a used Jeep that will fit your exact needs this winter.  Dashing through the snow or pulling an open sleigh, your Jeep will be equipped for the challenge.

Maybe a Jeep Liberty will be your calling.  Maybe you don’t the luxury of a Grand Cherokee but do want something a bit more sporty so a Cherokee will suit your needs.  Perhaps you are feeling like a Wrangler will be best for winter and also summer.  Whatever your decision, it’s good to know that all Jeeps come with the best quality products ready to tackle the winter, but then also have the largest market for accessories and winter driving to really ready yourself for all that this upcoming season has to offer.  

You can buy a used Jeep, like the lineup of silver Jeep vehicles shown here.

Wrangler Polar Edition

In 2014 Jeep introduced the Polar.  Specifically designed for winter weather climates, it’s based off the Sahara trim package. Its unique badge with latitude and longitude location where the most severe temperature on Earth was recorded in Antarctica and serves as a reminder that Jeeps are meant to go everywhere on this planet.  

Coming standard is a Trac-Lok anti-spin rear differential that can be combined with available electronic locker inside the Dana 44 axle.  Up front, a Dana 30 is turned by the part-time Command-trac NV241, two-speed transfer case with a 2.72-to-1 low range.  Automatic climate control, heated front seats, always appreciated in the freezing climates, and Electronic Vehicle Information Center are all included and smart for winter driving.  Same drivetrain as other Wrangler’s, 3.6L Pentastar V6 with 285 horsepower and 260 lb/ft of torque.

A gray 2020 used Jeep Grand Cherokee is driving through snow.

Cherokee & Grand Cherokee

Best pick for small and midsize SUV’s, newly used Jeep Cherokees comes available in three four-wheel drive options that will help navigate you through the toughest winters.  The Cherokee, having replaced the Liberty in 2012, now comes as a small crossover CUV but boasts a 9 speed transmission, which allows for automatic downshifting in snowy conditions.  The Grand Cherokee sits taller on 20” wheels as a midsize SUV.  

All Cherokees come with four wheel drive which is always going to be best for snowy conditions.   Grand Cherokee models also come with Jeeps Selection Terrain System which maximizes traction with driver-selection settings that include auto (normal), snow, sport, sand/mud and rock. This makes driving in inclement weather be it heavy rain, sleet, snow or ice happen with much more ease and confidence.  Made with adjustable air suspension which allows the Grand Cherokee to be raised 3.8 inches higher is perfect when snow conditions are deep.  


While this is a small crossover CUV, the Patriot offers best-in-class 4x4 capabilities which will maximize your efforts in the snow.  Also offering the Selec-Terrain Traction Control which allows your Jeep to use the best configuration for the specific road conditions.  Its drivetrain and wheelbase are going to provide better handling and security while driving in winter conditions.

The used Jeep lineup of silver North Editions vehicles are parked atop a snowy mountain.

Patriot and Compass

As both are in the small crossover SUV segments and made more for fuel efficiency and running around town, but because they’re Jeeps they also excel in off-roading capabilities.  What’s easy to forget about these smaller beauties is that they do have excellent all-wheel-drive and all terrain selections which allow for optimum maneuvering in the snow.  Because they’re a bit smaller, snow tires will add more traction.  Extra safety packages like the All Weather Capability Group are also available.  


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